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Questions about braces?? Help!!!?

I am getting them soon...

1) how to clean them?

2) what you can't eat?

3) the best colors?

4) how long does it take to put them on?

5) will they hurt for a while? How long?

Thanks :D

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    1. You will be given a special orthodontic toothbrush or interdental brushes that has a smaller head to clean in between your braces. You should also use an alcohol free mouthwash once a day to help prevent patches from acid attacks.

    2. You apparently can't eat anything hard, sticky or chewy which includes things like corn on the cob, raw carrot, toffee, spare ribs, crusty bread, etc. However, most things are fine if you break bits off or chop them first, just go careful. Fizzy drinks are completely banned because they can leave patches on your teeth and fruit juice only at meal times.

    3. I got two different shades of blue today, but you can change them every so often. They let me look at all the colours on a ring and you can chose from there. You can have one or two colours, so just pick your favourites.

    4. It took two visits for me. One to put the brackets on and elastic bands behind my teeth so they can put the rings on. That took about 20 minutes. The second they put the metal rings on and fitted the wire with elastic bands. That took about 30 minutes. However, I only had the top set done. I think altogether it takes between 50 minutes and 2 hours depending on whether you are having both sets done.

    5. They don't really hurt, but they ache for about 2/3 days to a week afterwards. It lessens a lot with pain killers, but it really is more annoying than painful. I would time it so that you can take another dose of painkillers just before you go to sleep as that's when I notice them the most. You can also get a special wax that can help if your braces rub at all.

    Hope that helps and good luck with your braces :)

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  • 9 years ago

    1) clean them with any regular toothbrush atleast twice a day. They might also give you a small brush to clean in between the brackets (the parts they stick on your teeth)

    2) You can't bite into fruit like apples and other hard fruits you have to cut them up into small pieces. Shouldn't eat hard chewy things either. Also, try stay away from lollies, soft drinks and other sugary things.

    3) I like blue the best :) try not to get light colors like sky blue because the seem to change color after awhile.

    4) Took about 30minutes to get mine on.

    5) Yes and no, the orthodontist told me some people it hurts a lot for and others it doesn't. Mine were very sore. If they are sore you have to stick to eating yoghurt and ice cream until they dont hurt. They stayed sore for about 3 days for me.

    They should be fine :) I've had mine on since September last year and my teeth are looking good :)

    Just look after them and you'll have beautiful teeth :) Hope I helped

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  • 9 years ago


    The doctor will give you or will tell you to take a brush,that's little different then other normal brushes .it's got gaps in middle.that brush along with a small sized brush which reaches the inner side of the braces helps you to clean them and also brush your teeth as much as you can ,cause you can't do any treatment to your teeth if you get cavity


    You can't eat hard and chewable stuffs like chewing gums,hard solid candies..etc and remember even bread is considered as hard food,also try not to bite form front teeths


    Well while putting the rubbers of the braces(bands) put ones with dark colour,if doctor gives you to pick and never put yellow or light green ones,they make your teeth look yellowish


    It takes 2yrs for most of the patients but 3 or 1 for depends in your teeth's condition.


    At the beginning they put rubbers in between your teeths to maintain some space and that hurts alot it's even hard to eat soft foods at that time ,but after 2 or 3 weeks your pain goes and the teeths don't hurt much .doctor'll call you in certain interval of time and after the treatment in every time it hurts a little for each time

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  • 9 years ago

    i had them for 3 years. They give you this little brush that you can use to clean between your braces. You cant eat sticky food or corn or food with little pieces or anything hard for a while. I found that the neon are coolest:) but that was like 10 years ago:D It took about 2 hours for me. Top and bottom. They have to use a light to seal them on. They hurt for about 2 weeks and they are sensitive.. but after aboout a month you wont even feel them

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  • 9 years ago

    1) the same way u brush your teeth - they will give u a mini brush to take the food remains in the braces

    2) you can eat everything -they told me i am not allowed to bite an apple as it might do something to the brace, also you should have a low sugar diet

    3) depends - i didn't get to choose -_-

    4)around 5-10 mins

    5)yes they would and you will need paracetamol and max 3 days

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  • 9 years ago

    1) just brush them as if normal but for flossing, there is a special pick that you will thread floss through and you will put that between each brace.

    2) sugarless gum is ok but things like candy apples and other big sticky things are a nono. they will opull the bracket off.

    3) i loved getting rainbow (like each one a different color) and then for seasonal things id do their colors. like for halloween orange and black, and easter purple and yellow, and christmas red and green

    4) it take different amounts depending on how many they put on. but usually it isnt long.

    5) when you first get them, it feels weird. it will hurt for about 3 days.

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    9 years ago

    Clean them like you normally brush your teeth and use mouthwash

    No hard stuff or sticky stuff which means NO GUM! (worst part)

    Purple, Dark blue, light blue and emerald green

    about 30mins to an hour


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