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Why should I be ashamed?

I was playing my game last night and I was about to watch WNBA until my uncle came barging in my room splashing on my bed while I'm in it. We wrestled a bit. But after that he said he could see his girls playing in the WNBA. I said I doubt it. His 2 daughters will grow up tall like him probably. He's 6'6. I said if they were getting drafted I wouldn't watch plus I wouldn't be too happy about it. I wouldn't be happy about it because I'm NEVER medically cleared to do anything. I'm 15 his daughters are 2 & 1 years old. And the 2 year old is already wearing a size 6 shoe and almost tall to Hornswoggle height. I'm mad because why would I be happy to see her play ball, when I'm never medically cleared to do a national sport? I have seizure disorder, aspergers, asthma, and ADHD/ADD. I would never be cleared to do Boxing or NASCAR. I can do football I'm surprised but I want to do wrestling. Look, I CAN'T EVEN JOIN THE US ARMY. :( And you think I wanna see her play in a major league? go to Tech high school and my shop is plumbing. I would love to do plumbing but hey. I don't wanna work a Mid-Carder or Blue-Chipper job. I wanna be NATIONAL making money. I can't have a talk show because I slur when I talk sometimes. I don't want basketball because I can't be a center beause I'm too short i'm 5'4 . So, that leaves me with football and wrestling. But I prefer wrestling. Problem is my school don't have wrestling. But when I told that to my uncle, he said How could I say such thing? That's hatin, jealousy, SELFISH, and stupid. I said I don't see how when I'm never medically cleared for sports. I played football in 9th but left in the end due to failing physical science. But I passed with a D. I would like to see my uncle's kids make it but not in sports. I would like to see them as a cosmetologist or designer. Nothing in national sports.

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    Please wait and watch. Have enough patience. Exercise lot of tolerance power. Please don't allow any sort of doubt, confusion or fear to overtake your inner feelings. Keep them strong. Be bold and courageous. Have self-confidence. You can then easily face the future safely. Have full faith in your real potentials.

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