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Why should I be ashamed of myself?

I was playing my game last night and I was about to watch WNBA until my uncle came barging in my room splashing on my bed while I'm in it. We wrestled a bit. But after that he said he could see his girls playing in the WNBA. I said I doubt it. His 2 daughters will grow up tall like him probably. He's 6'6. I said if they were getting drafted I wouldn't watch plus I wouldn't be too happy about it. I wouldn't be happy about it because I'm NEVER medically cleared to do anything. I'm 15 his daughters are 2 & 1 years old. And the 2 year old is already wearing a size 6 shoe and almost tall to Hornswoggle height. I'm mad because why would I be happy to see her play ball, when I'm never medically cleared to do a national sport? I have seizure disorder, aspergers, asthma, and ADHD/ADD. I would never be cleared to do Boxing or NASCAR. I can do football I'm surprised but I want to do wrestling. Look, I CAN'T EVEN JOIN THE US ARMY. :( And you think I wanna see her play in a major league? go to Tech high school and my shop is plumbing. I would love to do plumbing but hey. I don't wanna work a Mid-Carder or Blue-Chipper job. I wanna be NATIONAL making money. I can't have a talk show because I slur when I talk sometimes. I don't want basketball because I can't be a center beause I'm too short i'm 5'4 . So, that leaves me with football and wrestling. But I prefer wrestling. Problem is my school don't have wrestling. But when I told that to my uncle, he said How could I say such thing? That's hatin, jealousy, SELFISH, and stupid. I said I don't see how when I'm never medically cleared for sports. I played football in 9th but left in the end due to failing physical science. But I passed with a D. I would like to see my uncle's kids make it but not in sports. I would like to see them as a cosmetologist or designer. Nothing in national sports.

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    dude now you must be seriously ashamed of yourself

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  • 9 years ago

    "We wrestled a bit."


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