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what happen when monocytes reached to zero level?

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    Low monocyte counts generally do not cause specific symptoms. It is most likely that the signs of some type of an infection will be noticed by someone suffering from a low monocyte blood count. The symptoms of the infection will then trigger a visit to the doctor. Frequent signs of these types of infections include flu-like symptoms, coughing, sore throat, chills and fever, and frequent urination.

    ube immunity bahi ekasiya ganata

    hoda wade

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    If it's a temporary finding in only one blood smear, it's not significant. You can have 0-1 monocytes in any random blood smear. If you consistently get zero monocytes in blood smear after blood smear, week after week, then that's a failure of the erythropoetic system to produce them. The cause would have to be explored and identified, if possible.

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    Monocytes form macrophage after maturation which help in phagocytosis. Thus, when monocytes reach to zero level immunity decreases and there will be decrease in phagocytosis.

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