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how do i get tannic acid or tannin (C76H52O46)?

I need tannin or tannic acid for an investigatory project (chemistry project). Does anyone know where to buy them or extract them from plants? please help. If it helps, its chemical formula is C76H52O46, commercial tannic acid

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    9 years ago
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    Do you want to make an ink for your chemistry project?

    There are several ways to extract them from the plant.

    1. Water extraction

    2. Alcohol Extraction

    3. Acetone Extraction

    All these you can get it from the school lab.

    Tannin can be obtained from greenary and raw plant. For example mangosteen, durian, rambutan are the most suitable fruits as their skin contain the tannic acid.

    You have to boil the skins and make it concentrate.

    There you go, DIY tannic acid.

    Happy Trying :D

    Source(s): Experience and knowledge
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