What sort of protective gear is necessary when MIG Welding?

What sort of gear do you use, and in particular what brands of equipment / safety gear do you find work the best, and are the most comfortable to wear?

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  • 9 years ago
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    This is what I wear: leather Wellington style boots (my new Ariats are pretty comfortable), Carhartt brand double knee pants with no frays, a long sleeve hickory work shirt over a tee-shirt, Nemesis brand safety glasses, and foam ear plugs (to keep the splatter out).

    For actual welding gear, I prefer to use Tillman brand gloves. If I can get away with it, I'll use their model 1350 gloves. But they are made for TIG welding. They can get too hot. If that's the case, I'll switch to a pair of 750's. I also use one of those aluminum coated fiberglass heat shields on my left hand. (I'm right handed but use my left hand to steady the MIG gun. Replacing a $2 heat shield beats burning your expensive gloves up.)

    For jackets, I have the regular cow hide leather sleeves/half coat thing. But I get way too hot in them. For heavy duty work, I have a Miller pig leather jacket. It's all black with superb freedom of movement, and is a lot cooler than cow hide. For lighter duty work I have a collection of Miller brand FR shirts and jackets. They range from $20-$120. I wouldn't recommend doing any overhead welding with them, but they are great for most applications.

    As far as hoods go, once again I like Miller brand. I'd suggest a Miller Elite. You don't need the digital model, the regular analog ones work just fine. I have one of those and one of the newer Miller Titanium 9400i's. It's a great hood but is fairly heavy. The only thing that differentiates it from the Elite is the integrated grinding shield (nice, but not really needed) and the heat deflective coating. I like the Titanium, but not sure I'd buy it again. For over head, pipe, and some other applications I have a Wendy's pancake hood. It really only excels when working out side or in out of position welding.

    Hope that helped you out a little.

    Certified Welder

  • ALEX
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    9 years ago

    A full shield helmet, the auto-darkening kind for your face and neck, to get the best view.

    Arm protection in the form of leather gloves, if you are doing a lot of welding. You can get a good burn tan as well as spatter from a weld.

    Have some pliers or poly-grips to hand for moving hot metal.

    A lot of G clamps, F clamps are quick to use, C clamp, sash clamp.

    Stainless wire brushes, the ordinary steel ones rust and dirty the weld.

    A pair of side cutters for the filler wire to trim it before starting.

    Welding curtain if you are in a workshop.

    Go hard out!


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