Question about nuclear weapons in general?

According to Wikipedia the united states has 5113 nukes available.

So when the US nukes Japan in WW2 they would of used 2 of there nukes. So they would of had 5111 left. Or is it like 100 nukes in 1 sort of thing.


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    in 1945 the Anglo american development of Nuclear weapons we had 3 Bombs

    and a Plan for another 7

    But we only needed 2 and third remained at Trinity

    in 1946 the British built their own weapons amd in 1952 the Russians tested their first

    from this point we the US and the UK started to build Up a Nuclear Arsenal

    and the Wikipedia reference is for this date10 July 2011 at 20:22.

    and has Nothing to do with WW2 or 1945

    The United States was the first country in the world (in partnership with Canada and the United Kingdom) to develop nuclear weapons, and is the only country to have used them in warfare, with the separate bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Before and during the Cold War it conducted over a thousand nuclear tests and developed many long-range weapon delivery systems. It maintains an arsenal of 5,113 warheads

    and today these are the figures for the top 5

    United States United States --------1,950 / 8,500

    Russia Russia (former Soviet Union) 2,430 / 11,000

    United Kingdom United Kingdom 160 / 225

    France France -------------------------- 290 / 300

    People's Republic of China China 180 / 240

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    the u . s . and Russia have been busy for years dismantling their nuclear arsenals. presently a extreme advice grow to be made that uk pass thoroughly non-nuclear. The others do no longer pose a risk of Armageddon, so which you would be able to cool down. China looks to have no militia aspirations exterior its area, India and Pakistan are busy staring one yet another down, and Israel use theirs as a deterrent against yet another Arab-Israeli warfare, and in actuality hasn't yet even admitted to having a nuclear arsenal. it is extremely confusing to make the failings pass off in any respect. With safeguards, the prospect of an unintentional explosion is infinitesimally small. international peace deals, in case you have no longer observed, do no longer artwork out too properly. Peace is merely no longer that top a concern. seem on the midsection east now: there is no longer even a consensus on how lots militia action is adequate "to incredibly matter selection."

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    The two bombs that were dropped on Japan were the only two in existence at the time.

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    In WWII America used an ATOM bomb, it's different.

    Nukes are where they use guided missiles with a canister of uranium.

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