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Computer question. Please help!?

Hi there! :)

I recently a few months ago recieved a virus . I followed a video on Youtube instructing me on how to delete it and I succeeded... Somewhat.

Removing this virus dramatically slowed my computer down (It was already pretty slow, but nothing like it is now!) and I recieve a bubble every time I turn on the computer saying, "your computer might be at risk. No firewall is turned on. Click this balloon to fix this problem." The speed of the computer is horrible. It take a couple of minutes to pull up my home page and it's laggy. My Spyware Doctor keeps popping up saying that Intellguard is off, or something.

If anyone by chance happens to know how I can fix this problem and speed my computer back up, PLEASE help inform me! Best answer gets 10 points! Thank-you! :)

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    download spybot search and destroy and remove any malware on your PC

    also you can download a computer maintenance software that will clear any threads remaining, erase junk file e.t.c

    do a disc defragment

    my suggestions is to backup data, format and reinstall windows if you know how (aka use recovery)

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    Take it to a computer repair shop... They'll fix it.

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