Technicolour 歌詞

Technicolour 的專輯People 裡面有一首歌叫Michael Jackson我想知道英翻中的歌詞 謝謝:))

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  • 9 years ago
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    Once upon a time, my friends it feels like yesterday

    I was living lonesome in a world of disarray

    Everything was a black and white, there wasn't even gray

    And every morning waking up on groundhog day


    It was all in monochrome without the lies

    Just like a silver screen you walk into my life

    You taught the stars to light up what we find

    I come alive saturated in your charms

    We kiss the sky and dancing towards rainbows

    Now it's all in technicolor with you

    I lived in the blackest house with seven pure white cats

    The bleak eyed look of every day hidden deep inside my heart

    The notes on the piano now remind me of my past

    And now you're here right by my side I hope that we will last


    Yellow, orange, pink, red, and blue

    Let's paint the town, darling us two

    You bring your pallet and I will sing the sub bar

    We are just two birds of a feather


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