umarried expectant dad birth certificate?

ok im with girl who is 7 months pregnant we are still together it is very rocky she has threatened to take baby and move out of state she has threatened to give it up for adoption and all this whenever we discuss breaking up we broke up once in the early stages and she said she was going to go get it aborted so wanting to be a daddy i stayed now she is telling me even tho we r on good terms even with a dna test that we are getting not because i dont believe it is mine but in michigan is the best way to establish paternity so my ? is since i cant take any more of the verbal abuse with a dna test will i be able to get court ordered onto the birth cetrificate i dont care about last name or nothing just dont want to be denied my child because i strongly feelo if we break up she will try something

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    The DNA test will be required to establish paternity, but if you want it to be legitimate in the eyes of the court you will have to have it done in a clinic-not with an at home test. Here is an article on establishing paternity and the types of tests you can take: Once you have established paternity, it doesn't really matter what is put on the birth certificate. False father names are put on birth certificates all of the time. But if you are confirmed as the father and you do not stay together, you will need to figure out custody and visitation. Here is another article on that process: You should also realize that you are taking on the responsibility of child support when paternity is established-whether or not you stay together. But once you have established a legal foundation for custody and visitation, she cannot legally take the child away from you.

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    Initially no, you can't force your name onto a birth certificate until AFTER there is a DNA test... but by that time the original birth certificate will be given to the mother.

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    first, get a lawyer. Thats your best bet.

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    I sympathize with you and all, but is there a question, or are you just venting?

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