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Review on Kel Tec PLR 22:?

What do you think of this gun? The two main questions are, does it jam often? And can you run cheap bulk ammo threw it?

I'm also thinking about buying a Kel Tec SUB 2000 in 9mm. If any one has experience with that, how does it run?


I don't know how I forgot to ask this, but how is accuracy on both guns?

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    My PLR-22 seems accurate enough, had a rough break in period where it jammed or misfed often and needed to be rather clean and well lubed to cycle well at all, now about 2 bulk packs in, it seems to eat whatever ammo I put in it, with the exception of some of the cheapest stuff occasionally not firing, but that will happen with any cheap .22lr ammo. I run Federal bulk pack through it and it works fine.

    The PLR is as accurate as you should expect a 10" barrel .22 to be, which is to say, it is as accurate as you are.

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    Plr 22 Review

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    From my understanding its a heck of a gun.

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