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I feel worthless and sad?

I'm 14 and I feel depressed. I am not good looking. I don't have any talents. I don't do spots because i always hurt myself. I have like 0 friends and when i try to make some I end up annoying them. We got evicted from our house because my mom lost her job and we don't see our dad anymore so he doesn't help us. My brother is addicted to marijuana and he scares me.

I want to kill myself but my mom would be devastated, so I just stick around. I feel so sad...

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    God paid a high price for you to be His - the shed blood of His Beloved Son.

    Listen how God helped someone else who thought they were worthless......

    and listen how He helped someone who seemed to have it all - and it all added up to nothing.......

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  • Ano
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    Dont feel sorry for yourself.

    Firstly, you must talk to your brother, if he scares you. Marijauna is very common these days.

    You cant be afraid of a little pain. If you build you strength u wont get hurt so much. Start a sport. I assume you are a girl. Try tennis, its difficult, but u wont get hurt, and can get more demanding as your experience grows.

    To get friends you have to hang out with people, learn from their reactions. Always be friendly, and if your not good, then be conscious of what u r doing to throw people off. Simply smile and talk, remember to try act normal. Also be yourself, this is what makes u unique, otherwise everyone could just as well talk to their reflections. People like being greeted, and being wanted. Dont stare or do creepy stuff.

    Your family loves you. Dont leave this world, everything has its ups and downs. Smile !! For starters, get to know your brother better. Next call your dad and have a chat. Dont hate him, he is a person, imperfect and makes mistakes, try to understand him. Talk to you mum, what makes you sad and all. Also help out at home, ur mum must be a busy person. Enjoy life ! And everyone will try to share and bask in your joy with you =)

  • Lizzie
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    You're still young.. killing yourself wouldn't fix anything.. it would only make your mom bankrupt since a funeral really costs a lot.

    How about do your best in school and worry more on your future.. Try to go to the library read some stuff that could interest you, do things around that could be useful.. learn some hobby that could be useful as well or interesting.. You don't have to have friends to do some things that you could enjoy. I was a loner most of high school and in the future you can always find friends.

    About your brother.. you know what he's doing is just stupid and he's not going to get anywhere by doing that so might as well ignore his nonsense.. or just do your part as a brother and tell him that what he's doing is wrong and stupid.

    Don't be sad.. these things are temporary and will eventually fix up.. things always go up and down....

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    Every time you look in the mirror, say gee I sure am good looking. After you do it enough times, you will see that you look great. You do have many talents, you just have not discovered them yet. You have much to offer, you must love yourself first, and when you do, you will draw others to you. Things will work out for you, give it some time. And I agree, read some books, their a great escape, try The Lord of the Rings, I've read the trilogy at least 5 times.

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    Just remember, that no matter what, you are always loved.

    I'm assuming you're religious, because this is in the religion/spiritual section. Pray to Heavenly Father. He loves you. You have people on this earth who love you, and care about you more than anything. I know it sometimes as if there isn't a mortal soul who understands, or cares about you. But trust me, someone does. and even if they don't Heavenly Father does, and in the grand scheme of things, that is all that matters.

    If this was put here by mistake, and you are not religious, well then I just have to say: you only get one life. Don't end it. There are people who would kill to have the same opportunities you have. and although there are many problems in the world, don't focus on those. Remember all the happy parts of your day, and of your life. If you are now thinking "I don't have any happy parts", even the most depressed person on the planet cand find at least one thing they enjoy. I love you, and care about you. Please don't fix a temporary problem with a permanent solution you may regret.

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    I hate you feel this way, but God loves you and wants to help you. Go to a local church tomorrow night and see what God can do for you. If you annoy people then you may have a talent for sales type things. My husband's uncle is really annoying, but he could sale a horse to a cow dealer. Don't worry about your brother, he will do what he wants. Just worry about yourself until you get on track then try to help others when you are stable. You need to talk to your mom about your problems, you need to see a counselor or someone that can help you.

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    Keep your head up, life can be really hard sometimes. You may not feel like it, but you have value and you're worth something. Don't let other people or your circumstances make you feel otherwise.

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    Sorry but.. is there a question in here?

    Head up, kid. Been through the same situation as you. Lots of people go through a time like the one you're having. Only you can change it, not anyone else.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Develop good hygiene

    2. Exercise hourly til exhaustion

    3. Start reading

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    Let cookie monster give you a cookie.

    Let me finish eating mine first..

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