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The T.V. show Intervention told lies about my mom on camera?

So my sister was picked for the T.V. show Intervention. Her name is Dallas. If you don't believe me then just wait for her episode. I wouldn't lie about this. Anyway on our second to last day filming they had us come in for a 'family training' session. Like to tell us what to say when Dallas walks into the Intervention room. But the interventionist started accusing my mom of something she never did ON CAMERA. She started saying that my sister and her did heroin together and was like screaming at my mom. My mom NEVER did heroin with my sister. And the lady had no proof. I was so mad! And the producer had us repeat short words. And now I think that they were using the words to make fake sentences for the T.V. show. My sister said yes to treatment and is now in care of like a Texas treatment center but I feel really tricked! I believe that they made my mom repeat words and formed it into a simple sentence about them doing heroin. Because they told the 'interventionist' about the whole situation. So they could of EASILY recorded a fake sentence! I feel like confronting the show after it airs! Because it was so wrong that they purposely created drama when the whole damn thing was about my sister. I would never trust these people again. They scammed us emotionally. All they wanted was drama. Aggghhh.


My question is how to confront them.

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    I find this interesting, but what's your question?

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    Intervention Show Updates

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    Intervention Tv Show Updates

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    What's Dallas' s last name? How is she doing? Is there a Facebook page for her, that has updates. This episode really hit home with me. Joshua

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    Wow, I've always known that Reality TV is so exaggerated and full of drama but I didn't think that this show would be too. I'm sorry that you had to go through this with your mom and I think you should start out by sending a thorough detailed email to the producer demanding an explanation as to why they did what they did.

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    Yeah, hate to disappoint you little girl, but your mom did do heroin with your sister trying to be cool. In fact, seems like your mom did a lotta ****** up things, like trying to kill herself and leaving her self bleeding and arms mutilated for your sister to find when she got home from school. I would have to do drugs to cope with having such an ignoranus mother too. She even said after she left that Donna (the Interventionist) shouldn't say that in front of her parents. Watch the whole episode sweetie. Your mom needs help. Seriously.

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    I saw Dallas's episode and nothing was a lie......your mother is a loser and a douchebag who was trying to be COOL and be heroin-chic so that she could "hang out" with your sister, you blind idiot. Take your head out of your *** and realize once and for all that your mother is actually the one who needs and a mental hospital. Dallas is the one who told the producers of the show what your mother did. Wake up, MORON.

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    I saw the episode for the first time this evening. It had me in tears. I believe the mom did drugs with the daughter. She was an enabler by giving the daughter money to purchase drugs and then suggesting the drugs be consumed in her car. This mother, unfortunately, relied on her daughter way too much. I pray that they have both overcome and are drug free.

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