What is your opinion on Brooke Shields?

I personally don't like her very much. I used to kind of like her when I saw her younger movies as a teenager, but she always struck me as this *****. I heard she dropped Michael during the first molestation trial because she believed the rumors, but once he died, she was acting like he meant the world to her. Also, she stopped being friends with Tom Cruise when he joined Scientology, which is too similar to Michael Jackson. I guess, once her "friends" started acting "weird", she decides not to associate with them anymore. Then recently she makes a flubbed speech at the Tony Awards about congressman Anthony Weiner, trying to be funny about his scandal. I mean, if she's going to make fun of and insult someone, at least get it right and not make yourself look like a dumbass. The woman just irks me.


Um? Okay, I'm not making fun of Brooke Shields. And so what if Tom told her not to use drugs? Who is she to go off on someone for giving her advice? If she wants to take drugs, that's fine. But I saw no issue with Tom and what he said. Also, you spelled "dumbass" wrong, so exactly my point.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I mean, if [you're] going to make fun of and insult someone, at least get it right and not make yourself look like a dumbass.

    I doesn't appear your judgments about Brooke Shields are based on facts.

    Additional details:

    Mr. Cruise did not just 'give advice'. He was disrespectful and judgemental about it, it did NOT come from a friendly or caring place, and worse -- it was to the media, not to Ms. Shields directly or privately - and so therefore it was just plain wrong of him to go about it that way. It's not something he'd understand because he's not a woman - a valid point, and he judged - so he was judged right back in return. Sometimes it's not what's said, but how the delivery was made. Postpartum depression is a very serious condition - it's not a choice as somewhat implied by Mr. Cruise and yourself (in a way) to just 'suck it up' so to speak. And who is Mr. Cruise to tell her to do anything? They're not together. And who are you to get bothered by this? It's strange really. I would suggest looking up Postpartum depression, but it seems you've already made your decision... based on what? That's rhetorical.

    And if you think about it, the Jackson family wouldn't even consider letting Ms. Shields speak at his service if she actually did any prior insulting of or to Michael Jackson. That accusation doesn't even make sense.

    And I have to say, Anthony Weiners scandal is funny. It's too bad for him, but it was so stupid on his part that it was funny.

    Those who judge are judged the most.

  • 9 years ago

    Omigod, what the f*ck are you talking about??? Most of the sh*t you claim are false! She did NOT stop being friends with Tom Cruise cuz' he became a Scientology poster boy! God, the woman blew up on Tom because he criticized her use of drugs when she was going through her post-labor depression! She told him what the f*ck does he know since he's a dude and has never given birth before! God...I mean if you're going to make fun of and insult someone, at least get it right and not make yourself look like a dumbass!

    Tom did NOT give advice! Tom INSULTED her! Harpin' about his Scientolody crap at her, wasn't he? To me, Tom's the bigger @sshole. I don't really like Shields but based on what an egomaniac that Tom Cruise is, I rooted for Shields. And also, I've corrected the dumbass spelling. Just an honest typo. Meh.

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