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What is the deal with spiders and showers?

I really don't mind spiders so much, they eat bugs that do bother me like flies and mosquitoes. If I spot one chillin in its web high up in the corner of a room in my house I will usually let it live as long as it stays in its corner and eats bugs like it is supposed to. Sometimes I will even give them names and refer to them as pets though I never buy them spider toys or take them to the beach.The minute one approaches to say hello up close and personal I will send it to spider heaven or hell, depending on what kind of life it has led up to that point.

I don't like them hanging out in my shower though. I don't like them watching me while I'm all naked, soapy and defenseless and in this house a sure fire way for a spider to meet its spider god well before its time is for me to see it as I'm getting into the shower.

I just don't trust them, I am sure they will attack the moment I have my hair all soaped up and am waiting the required one minute, as directed on the shampoo bottle, before rinsing and repeating.

Is this normal or am I a paranoid murderer of innocent spiders?

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    Ok, No, you're not.

    I think the deal with spiders comes for most of us for at least 3 reasons. 1). Eight legs. This is bad for them and us because it makes a spider with a half-centimeter body look like a spider the size af a pancake. It also means that you can't 'herd' them out of the way, because there's no way of knowing which direction they will run. I mean, if a cockroach shows up, nudge it with a kleenex, and you know where it will head. (Okay, bad example, moosh that bastage, too.) If any 6 legged insect moves suddenly 5 inches sideways, then you have another problem. 2). Too many damm eyes! Not only that, but they're all over the place, different sizes for no apparent reason, and they look at you without reason or mercy. 3.) Fangs. Fangs, in my book, go a long way towards losing trust. and 3a). They're spiders. I had a truce with spiders, a live-and-let-live situation like your corner-dwellers around about the time I read that barnyard novel in elementary school about the pig who had a friend spider, whatever the name of the book was. Oh. Charlotte's Web. That bought them about 2 years of shaky co-existence with me.

    Snakes are fine, though.

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    I think it's quite normal unless it gets to the point where there are 15 spiders congregating in each corner of every room. Perhaps they're discussing a glorious coup which will see you gone and they will get the house to themselves, even the shower.

    I was at work the other day and there was a spider on the floor of a warehouse which one of the staff and i spotted.

    He asked me "Are you a Buddhist?"

    I said "nope"

    And he proceeded to make a big show of lifting his work boot and bringing it down with great force on said spider.

    Perhaps you could take a lesson from that dude.

    @Sheila: Up yours luv

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    no you are not paranoid and have every reason to not trust the hairy 8 legged li'l sly f00kers, they act all docile and say ooh look at me making a web and eating all the flies, then when you are unarmed as in there are no slippers, flip-flops or even a rolled up newspaper within reach, BAM, the li'l sh!tbags go all kamikaze on ya....sly little two-faced bastid arachnids

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    There are millions of stories of spiders attacking people in showers; get the rocket launcher out.

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  • oh i hate spiders :O when i was sitting in my room i put on my jumper and an orangey coloured spider flew off and landed on my bed and ran under my pillow lol i slept in the sitting room that night on the couch i was too scared to sleep in my own bed :-(

    i also have a phobia of spiders, when i see them i gets the shivers with their hairy legs

    but i do know house spiders are completely harmless, but they do scare the living hell outa me lol

  • Perhaps they like to take the occasional shower as well, or maybe you just have pervy spiders.

  • Spiders have no chance of life in my house!

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    How rude! Does he burst in on you when you're in the shower? Ya'd think a fella could get a little privacy. (Could you turn the water on before you leave?)

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    lol wow i didnt think anyone would let them live.. i would never do that D;

    i always seem to find them in the shower of all places though, that or the entry of my room o.o

  • 9 years ago

    take the shower head and spray them till they are down the drain.

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