Can my ex collect child support from my husband?

I have two children who, for personal reasons, are hopefully going to live with their biological father. my question is since I am a stay at home mom and will be for some time to come yet can my ex collect child support from my husband in the state of WI if he would want to go that route?


yes, but I can't work for some time. perhaps I'll just figure out what 25% of my wages from my most recent job is and pay him that. it didn't occur to me until now. just figured I need to help him out but wasn't sure how to work it.

Update 2:

God, you guys are idiots. answer the question and leave your ideas of morals out. the bastard owes me $14,000 in arrears and is a bum. I honest SHOULDNT have to pay him a cent. that wasn't in the question cause it wasn't part of my question. just answer the question or move on

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    10 years ago
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    He cannot collect from your husband, but if this involves a voluntary unemployment, then an order could be made based on past earnings. It would be fully up to the judge, but only about 15% of fathers ever file for it.

    Source(s): For 22 years, I have volunteered my time working with divorced and single fathers dealing in family law issues, most especially child support issues along with what the states are not teaching support obligors. ♂♀
  • 10 years ago

    If he is not the father of the kids then why should he need to pay child support ? From what I understand u have 2 kids with a different man, not ur hubby right? So why does ur ex husband give a damn to pay child support for kids that r not his ? U should be the one paying it

  • mmm
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    10 years ago

    they will make YOU pay child support - you may have to get yourself a job and if not - someone is going to have to pay the child support - will it be based on your hubby's salary? no, just like a MAN - you need to pay child support . . .

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