AEP BB pistol question?

I looking for an electric airsoft pistol. Preferably one under $40. I would also like it to have a 30+ magazine capacity. I have heard that you can get extended mags that holds more bbs. So, any SPECIFIC suggestions as far the gun and magazine?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You're not going to be able to buy a good electric pistol for $40. Most AEPs under $40 will shoot around 150 FPS with .20 gram BBs. So I would suggest either spending the extra money to buy a good AEP or purchasing a good spring pistol, such as the Taurus PT 24/7 Spring Pistol, shoots about 290 - 300 FPS with .20 grams and mags hold 24 BBs and it's also about $40. I personally use this pistol as my sidearm and it's the best pistol I've ever used for it's price.

    Also, as far as extended mags go, I've never heard of one holding 30+ rounds for an AEP. I know that extended mags are made for gas pistols, but I'm unsure about electrics.

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