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My daughter has white marks in her panties and has white discharge.?

Well she is 11 and has white dry things in her underwear. And she has white discharge from her girly part. I am a single dad please help me!!

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    Totally, totally normal.

    Your daughter is at an age where she's starting puberty, which means she's going to have more discharge than she used to. It's normal and healthy and an important part of development.

    When discharge comes out, it sits on underwear or pubic hair and dries out a little, making little white or light yellow crusty bits. Different women/girls have different amounts of this stuff, and it changes in texture and quantity throughout menstrual cycles. This is all totally normal and healthy and nothing to worry about.

    If you ever notice some really nasty green discharge in your daughter's underwear (like when you get a really bad cold and a sinus infection and your snot goes all weird colors), then THAT is something to worry about, and you should make sure she sees a doctor about it ASAP. But what you're describing sounds just fine.

    As you are a single father and are going to be dealing with more and more of these issues, I recommend doing a little reading on what's normal and healthy in a woman's development. Something like "our bodies, ourselves" is a classic. I just finished reading "What's up, Down there?" which was written by an OB and takes a question/answer format. Never hurts to arm yourself with information! Especially because your daughter may someday ask you some hard questions about her body. The least you can do is have a few books around that she can read to help her through these changes.

    Good luck! And I'm glad you're keeping an eye on your daughter's health. It is important, after all!

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    Daughter Panties

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    Don't worry about it, this is normal. Your daughter is starting puberty. This is called Vaginal Discharge.

    When you start to see dried dark red/brown blood stains in her underwear this means she is starting her period. You should probably buy some pads/panty liners so that you can give them to her when she needs them. Your daughter is probably familiar with what is happening as they learn about it in schools.

    She wont start her period so soon, it could be even up to a year but be prepared! When your daughter tells you she feels really sick or has stomach cramps then that is the day she will start.

    Also, she will start to change a little.. mood swings- she will get very emotional.

    I know that I will be starting as I feel sick and don't want to eat anything.

    Have a look at this website, it explains about it:


    Good luck.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    My daughter has white marks in her panties and has white discharge.?

    Well she is 11 and has white dry things in her underwear. And she has white discharge from her girly part. I am a single dad please help me!!

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    that is completely normal! don't worry about a thing. every girl gets discharge at a different age and all that means is that she will get her period soon. once they get discharge, some will get their period in a year or two! it's completely fine! just the start of puberty

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    It sucks, but I have that every day too. I read somewhere that it is just normal...unless it is lumpy, or dark red, or brown, or nasty or anything else I think it is okay...

    Yeah, I've read *a lot* about it because I was was happening *every day* even if I never became aroused...

    I read that it is not unhealthy at her pantie liners to wear every day. Some are very cheap.

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    In Her Panties

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    well, your daughter is getting to the age when she will get sexually aroused by Ron Burgundy. it's completely pregnant... i mean.. normal, for that to happen. i remember when i was a girl and i had white stuff all over my panties..... but it wasn't mine....? I asked the doctor and she said i was diagnosed with aids or some **** but i don't know what that is..... she also said i was supposed to die 3 years ago...... oh well.

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    hi i'm 12 be for i had my first period i had this discharge and i still have it some it's normal

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    It's normal, it means she is starting puberty. It's just dried discharge. If you notice it everyday, you might want to get her some pantiners to keep her undies dry and clean

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