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Days of Being Wild by Wong Kar Wai Question!?

In the scene where Yuddy (Leslie Cheung) is dying and Andy Lau's Character asks him what he did on April 16th at 3pm and after he asks why and stuff, Andy tells Leslie that his friend always asked him that but he couldn't remember, Leslie asks him "did she tell you?" and Andy says "i thought you'd forgotten" and then Leslie tells him "i remember what should be remembered".

What does it really mean? as in did he still remember Maggie Cheung's character or does Leslie just tell Andy that to mean that he would only remember what he did that day if it were important?

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    Leslie's character remembers the important people/events in his life, yet he was self-destructive - he used Maggie as a means to fulfill his sexual desires without empathy for the consequences that it would entail after (as seen towards a literal interpretation of the film). Leslie's character sought for revenge and rage against his mother who adopted him as well as his real mother, which may be the reason for his lack of compassion towards women.

    During the train conversation, Leslie's response: "I remember what should be remembered" is ambiguous: either Leslie loved Maggie, yet couldn't fulfill her desire of getting married because of his personal ethics (misogyny in general); or Leslie's character is skewed in such a way that he considered the moment with Maggie as a personal accomplishment of sexual gratification. Either way, Leslie definitely remembers Maggie in a sense that she was a pivotal figure in his life.

    Like most Wong Kar Wai's characters, Leslie is quite complex on his decisions and outlook on life. Psychologically, it seems Leslie constantly battles with himself between his desires and his principles. Andy's character questions Leslie's motives and actions, which illustrates Leslie's awful choices and codes he abides by. For example, Leslie sees himself as a bird who flies until it dies - the metaphor is contradictory because he basically lived with and stood guard by his mother throughout his life insomuch his choices eventually led to his own demise.

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