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Can someone translate this story?

This is called the "Rape of the Sabine Women," and I have to translate it for latin class but cannot figure it out, can someone help translate it?

urbs Roma erat fortis, sed mulieribus carebat. sine mulieribus nulla spes prolis viris Romanis erat. a Romulo legati ad vicinas gentes missi sunt et societatem conubiumque novo populo petiverunt. urbs Romana a deis fauta est, sed principes Sabinorum et aliorum rogantibus negaverunt. Romulus novum consilium cepit. multi homines convenerunt; Sabinorum omnis multitudo *** liberis ac uxoribus venit. cuncti mirabantur tam brevi rem Romanam crevisse. tum signum subito a Romulo datum est. iuvenes Romani huc illuc currebant. feminae a eis raptae sunt et domum ductae sunt. sic mos Romanus coniubii conditus est.

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    Rome was strong, but lacked the women. the Romans had no hope of offspring, women without men. commissioners for the right of intermarriage with the neighboring nations were sent by Romulus and the fellowship of the new people have requested. from the City of Rome is a supporter of the gods, but the chiefs of the Sabines, and others, denied the request. Romulus took a new counsel. many men assembled; *** all the multitude of children and wives of the Sabines came. grown in so brief they were astonished at all of Rome. by Romulus then the sign of a sudden it is given. Roman young men ran hither and thither. them and the house were drawn from the seizure of its women are. so will the Roman coniubii was created.

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