Things to do in baltimore MD for a birthday?

In the afternoon were going to dave and busters for dinner, but what are some things we could do in the morning that are fun but not too expensive?

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    9 years ago
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    = The Inner Harbor is the most touristy area there ever was. I'd recommend staying far away from it. If you like touristy things that you can do at any city, like visit Cheesecake Factory and buy t-shirts with crabs on them, go for it.

    Go to Hampden, which is also turning really touristy, but in a more charming way. They have lots of little boutiques, art galleries, and vintage shops. Visit the Baltimore Museum of Art. Good places to eat include the Hon Cafe (in Hampden), Burke's, which is by the Inner Harbor, the Paper Moon Diner, and anywhere in Little Italy. The cheapest place there is Amici's. I also recommend seeing a movie at the Charles Theater. Two good restaurants there are Tapas Teatro and Sophie's Crepes, which are both right next door.

    If and only if you are capable of engaging in an extended discussion regarding underground music, I recommend hitting up Charm City Art Space. It is an awesome place, but they may judge you if you don't fit in.

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    Hey, I want to say happy birthday to you first if you are making preparations for your coming birthday. I also express my best wishes here if you are going to celebrate a birthday for your friends.

    Some places in the city open to visitors totally free. You may like these attractions. Baltimore Museum Art is full of many kinds of masterpieces and presents many dynamic exhibitions and innovative programs for visitors without asking any entrance fees. It will be very memorable to watch some historic shows on the birthday day.

    You can also join the singers and dancers at the Harborplace Amphitheater. This place hosts free performances from singers, dancers to magicians. It is very interesting to play with them. Many famous bands and stars also come to show up here at some time. You may have the chance to see your favorite star here.

    Planning a walking and sunbathing at the St. Mary’s Park sounds also nice for you. You can walk, sit and enjoy the sun here. A picnic lunch in this park seems to be interesting.

    Well, there are many inexpensive things to do within Baltimore. You have a lot of nice options in the morning. If you do not hurry to leave this city or want to find more great activities and accommodations at night, the site will do you great favor.

    Since you are in Baltimore for a birthday, it is important to enjoy as many great attractions as you can to have an unforgettable birthday. Is it right?

    Wish you a splendid birthday trip!!!

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    As an Art History Major I always hit the galleries on Charles Street.

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