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How has the unstable political enviornemnt in the horn of africa affected the famine?

How has the unstable poltical enviornment in the horn of africa affected the famine there?

Maybe like corrput governments not abiding to the needs of the citizens, or exterminset groups stopping aid getting through?

Its for geography, and maybe inculde a brief history of the past 2 years if it realtes to declaraion of famine

Detailted, and well worded plz its for a geography project


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    10 years ago
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    Horn of Africa is composed of the countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia (from which Eritrea split twenty years ago), Eritrea, Sudan (which last week split into two countries (Sudan and South Sudan), and Somalia (which has a self-declared sovereign state recognized as an autonomous region called Somaliland).

    The continuing famine is caused by drought which is predictable. The situation in the region is worsened by wars and other communal upheavals.

    4000,000 refugees are in a camp in Kenya because they are fleeing the Somalian civil war. There has been no effective government in Somalia for close to twenty years. Darfur (western Sudan) is has many refugee camps filled with people fleeing the fighting in Sudan. The fighting in the Sudan was mostly between north and south until finally, the South obtained independence. The fighting is not over. They have not yet settled on a fixed boundary between the two new countries and there are two regions that are still in dispute. There will be more fighting over that. Part of that is a religious conflict. Sudan is Muslim. South Sudan is Christian and "other"Northern Sudan is close in relations to Eritrea and South Sudan is closer in relation to Ethiopia. Eritrea is Muslim. Ethiopia is Christan and "other". There is still fighting in Ethiopia over Eritrea (boundary disputes) and Somalia (another boundary dispute. they both claim the Ogadon desert).

    Source(s): wikipedia/horn of africa sun
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