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如果打算去英國讀半年, 期間/跟住想再報另一間學校, 是否不可在英申請study visa?


+ Should I need to apply study visa for studying within six month? SARS holders can stay in UK as visitors up to six month right? thanks

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  • Jc
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    9 years ago
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    Here is some information for your reference only.

    Firstly did you get the student visa from the British Ambassy in HK already? For 6 months visa only or you want to go there as a tourist without a student visa? Anyway I think it is possible to apply for a student visa in the UK

    If you already get the student visa for 6 months, it is possible for you to extend your visa in the UK, The criteria is thatyou must have the letter from the school you are studying or the new school you intend to study. However there is also a law stating that a student visa hoilder cannot stay in the UK continuosuly for 6 months. That means you have to leave the country , going to France, Gernany for a few days.every 6 months. just make sure you have the visa extended before going back to the UK. Normally if you study, say in the unviersity, the insitute will issue you a letter saying that you are going to study and stay with the school for 3 years. With this letter, the student can extend their visa easily every year in the UK.

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