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4.( ) Jessica, ____ nice to your sisters.

A. is B. are C. am D. be5.( ) Dora, ____ your notebook.

A. not look at B. don't look C. please look at D. look at please6.( ) My son sits ____ to Mr.Wang, not behind him.

A. front B. under C. near D. next7.( ) Andy: Please ____ the pencil for me. It's on the desk.

Gina; OK. Here it is.

A.get B.gets C. to get D. don't get8.( ) Lucy: The park is ____ our house. Let's walk these. Alisa; OK.

A. in B. on C. near D. next

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    4.D 潔西卡,對你姐(妹)好一點

    5.C 多拉,請看你的筆記(比電)

    6.D 我兒子坐在王先生附近,不是...

    7.A 安迪,請幫(為)我拿那鉛筆 吉納,ok在這裡

    8.C 露西,公園在我們家旁邊, 我們來去那裡走走, Ok

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