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裡面一小段文章 請幫我翻譯 請內祥 中翻英

請別用翻譯程式 因為有點急


妳好 海關的來信我已收到 因為我目前人已經換住的地方

加上 我人即將要移動到墨爾本 所以是否可以讓我直接繳納應繳的費用

直接把貨物投遞給我 如果沒辦法 因為移動時間緊迫 而程序太多 時間上沒辦法處理 請你幫我把貨物再投遞回台灣 我已經跟我家人連絡過了 運送費用部分 我也已經跟他們說過了 感謝

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    妳好? 海關的來信我已收到

    Hi! I have received the letter from Customs.

    Could I pay the fees associated with this shipments now? And you can send the shipment directly to me without delay. Because I just moved and am going to move again to Melbourne, Australia soon. I am afraid of being not able to receive them on time. 因為我目前人已經換住的地方加上我人即將要移動到墨爾本所以是否可以讓我直接繳納應繳的費用


    Time is running short. And there are a lots of paper work to be done.

    如果沒辦法 因為移動時間緊迫 而程序太多 時間上沒辦法處理

    If not. This is backup plan: Send the shipment back to my family in Taiwan. I have already discussed with them. They will receive them and pay you. Thanks.

    請你幫我把貨物再投遞回台灣 我已經跟我家人連絡過了 運送費用部分 我也已經跟他們說過了? 感謝不知道shipment 在那裡?在途中?Taiwan? Australia?

    你人在那裡?Taiwan? Australia?

    那裡的customs? Taiwan? Australia?Good luck!

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    Hi, I have received the letter from the customs, but due to I currently change to the new residence and I am going to Melbourne very soon, so could I pay the expenses associated and you could send me the goods directly here?

    If that is not an option, please send the goods back to Taiwan due to it require to much procedure to go though and I do not have enough time to handle that.

    I have already contact my family in Taiwan regarding the transportation expenses.

    Thank you for your time.

    with best regards,

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    Ni Hao I have received a letter from Customs because I now live where people have changed

    I will add people to move to Melbourne so I can pay directly the costs payable

    Directly to the goods delivered to me If we can not move because of time constraints and too much time on the program did not approach you please help me deliver the goods and then return to Taiwan I have contact with my family over the transportation cost component has told them I thanks


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