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Why was not Luxembourg even annexed?

Its such a small country, why wasnt it annexed by powerful empires such as France, Prussia, Germany?

Why didnt the luxembourgish participated in pan germanism like saxony, hannover, holstein, hesse-kassel if they speak german or was disputed by the germans.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Until 1815 Luxembourg had been a full part of Belgium, just like the largest part of the Duchy of Brabant or Flanders. But at the Congress of Vienna troubles arose: the Prussians really liked the fortress, at that time the strongest in Europe that the French had build in Luxembourg city, but by adding Belgium to the Netherlands the whole lot would come to the Dutch. They thought up a compromise, Luxembourg, which was at that time about double in size then it is now, would become an independent Grand Duchy in a personal union with the United Kingdom of the Netherlands but would be part also of the German Confederation.

    In 1830, the Luxembourgians, unhappy about the extremely heavy taxes joined the Belgian revolution, the trouble was that the Prussians occupied the capital city, just like the Dutch did in Limbourg.

    In the period 1830-1839 the whole of Luxembourg (and Limbourg), except the capitals were part of Belgium. In 1839, as a price to pay it's independence both provinces were cut in half, that's why there was a Belgian Luxembourg and a Dutch Luxembourg and a Belgian Limbourg and a Dutch Limbourg.

    There was one major flaw: Salic Law, the Dutch monarch never could abolish this law, so when there was a Dutch Queen, instead of a King and Luxembourg refused to accept this monarch and was granted independence.

    The reason that Lux was not part of the North German Confederation was probably because 1) the French wouldn't allow it, 2) the Belgians wanted to have it back, the feeling was mutual for about 50 years, 3) Luxembourg itself did not wish to become part of it. Luxembourg had been a part of Belgium for so long, that it missed the roots of Pan-Germanism.

  • 10 years ago

    Luxembourg is small. It is positioned such that any neighbor would love to have it, but none strove to do so because of consequences. The likely country to do so would have been Belgium. Or France. Or Germany. Because of the excellent location, Luxembourg received (after being retrieved from German occupation) an enormous amount of US funding during WWII. Hence, the disdain for Germans. At least that is how it was when I lived there in the 70's.

    Interesting that you ask. Most people just brush that special place off to history. Have you been there? It is an interesting slice of European pie.

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  • 4 years ago

    "France" is the real historic place of foundation of the Luxembourgers, its time the worldwide community accepts that and hands over the illegitmate French lands and human beings to their rightful proprietor, the Grand Duchy.

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