How does ABEKA homeschooling compare to ACE?

I have been using ACE's material for four months now. We are on level 2 and about to be in level 3. I want only a Christian program for my 8 year old but I am not too certain that he is moving along fast enough. We have other 8 year olds in our family that attend public school and they seem more advanced. Knowing the ACE program well I was wondering how the teaching compares to ABEKA. Do they have books or workbooks like ACE? Are there any samples of the materials? How does the payment for these materials work? Thanks in advance.

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    ABeka is more advanced than ACE. ACE has work packets. ABeka has textbooks, workbooks and test booklets. It's a good curriculum, very teacher intensive. Unlike the ACE packet, it requires much more teacher instruction. Here is the 3rd grade page for ABeka.

    You can view samples of ABeka materials by clicking on any of the items in 3rd grade. Once you select a book, there is a Look inside button. This will show you a sample of that particular book. Grade 3 ABeka will cost about $465 plus another $250 to add Bible Subject to the curriculum.

    You can view the entire curriculum at a curriculum display near you:

    I personally like Alpha Omega better. The LifePacs are similar to the ACE Pace, but has more inference, thought provoking questions than the Paces. Beginning in grade 3, I'd go with the Switched-On Schoolhouse, computer version. Cost is about $420 for a grade level. The student does the work on the computer. It's more interactive than doing a worktext. There are learning games, flashcards, etc to review the material. There are multimedia presentations to enhance the lessons and Tiny Tutors to add additional sidebar info. Once student reads the material, the student has review questions to review what they just read. As they answer questions, they get immediate feedback. The program maintains all your students grades, attendance, etc.

    You can view samples of both the LifePacs and SOS on Line

    LifePacs: cost $282 for 5 core subjects

    SOS: cost $420 for 5 core subjects

    You can view samples of the curriculum on line or attend a free webinar where you can view the curriculum and ask questions:

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): 17 years homeschooling Mom 12 years experience using Switched on Schoolhouse 5 years experience using ABeka
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    How does ABEKA homeschooling compare to ACE might help

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