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can someone explain the rotation in volleyball?

in highschool.i know that in middle school you play every position and roatet but i mean in hs when everyone has their particular positions and stuff. i dont get the rotation

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    The rotations for high school volleyball are a lot more complex than in middle school. I would explain it to you, but there are different versions, like a 5-1 or a 6-2 rotation, and they vary. But basically, with each one, you rotate clockwise like in middle schoool though it may not feel like it since your coach may put you in seemingly strange places on the court to help you transition faster etc . If your team is the one serving, as soon as the ball goes over the net, you will run to your particular position as fast as you can. If the other team is the one serving, you will stay in your position until your team has returned the ball back over the net, then you will run to your permanent position. For example, if you are a left front row player, and in this rotation you rotate so youre starting as the right front row, and your team is serving, you will get as close as possible to the left side without being past the other players so that you can get to your position as fast as possible once the ball is served. If the other team is serving, and you are still in the right front row position, you will stay on that side, playing in that position, maybe even hitting theb ball, but as soon as your team gets that ball back over, you will run back to your regular position in left side. If you play in the back row, it is the same way, just with the back row positions, not the front.

    Understanding rotations can be hard at first, and distract you during a game by trying to remember, but soon you will get it down and it will be second nature. Good luck! :)

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    The rotation in high school is a lot more complex than it is in middle school. You still rotate clockwise though. Each player has a position- either setter, middle, or outside hitter. Since there are six players on the court for each team, there would be two players per position (on the court). Each player would be "opposite" from the other player who plays the same position; while one is in the front row, the other would be in the back row. For example, one lineup may be (starting from zone 1 on the court, the spot you are in when you serve): setter, outside hitter, middle, setter, outside hitter, middle. And because you rotate, each player would be in a different zone each rotation, and not in their base positions (the spot where you should be- ex. middles' base position is in the middle). So every time your team gets the ball goes over the net (the first time each point), the players would run and switch places with people to get back to their base positions/zones. Of course, after the rally/point is over, they would have to go back to where they were and rotate if needed.

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    IN a six-individual game you initiate from the decrease back actual and could in basic terms rotate out contained in the servers place. What makes it confusing is the 6-2 offense or the 5-a million offense, which tries to alter rotations to allow the exterior hitters to get time up front.

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    There are three main positions. Right, middle, and left. Depending on what spot you play you have a certain formation to follow. The formations depend on weather you are receiving or attacking. If receiving you follow the normal rotation that you got in middle school. When attacking you want to be in your position. Say I'm a left and I'm attacking, I serve and run to the left side of the court or position 5 (bottom left) If my team is receiving I stay in position one (bottom right) if you are on the left side you don't have to move at all. Youre already in receiving and attacking position. It works the same way with the other two positions. Hope this helps.

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    Well, what do y'all play? like a 6-2? 6-1? etc... because it totally depends on the rotation that is used!

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