Rate My 2k11 Assocation Team?

I Created A Team Called Seattle Stars

PG Jru Holiday/D.J Augustin/Nate Robinson

SG Andre Igoudala/Tony Allen/James Harden

SF Danny Granger/James Jones/Dorell Wright

PF Zach Randolph/Glen Davis/Jeff Green

C Tyson Chandler/Marcus Camby/Brendan Haywood

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    This a decent team, I give it an 8.5. Try to acquire Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo for Point Guard, sure Jrue Holiday is a great player, but you need all-stars to boost up your team. You technically have a Big 3, with Andre Iguoldala, Danny Granger, and Zach Randolph. And for Center, try to acquire Dwight Howard because he's a good player offensively and defensively. Your team defense is a little down, so get Dwight Howard to support Zach Randolph on D. I think Andre and Danny are both good mid-range and close-range shooters, so they can do both. Jrue Holiday would probably be the assist player of the team, and score easily when he has the opportunity to. I think Zach Randolph would be the close-range unit, to get easy buckets and short jumpshots, with Tyson Chandler supporting Randolph at close-range. Iguoldala, Granger, and Randolph are the top scorers of the team I predict, with Holiday and Chandler supporting the Big 3 by adding more points. Overall, I think it's a great team, but you need to acquire a few players. (Point Guard: Try to acquire CP3 or Rondo) (Center: Try to acquire Dwight Howard) 8.5/10

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    9 years ago


    You have great defensive players on the team like Holiday, Igoudala, Tony Allen, Camby and Chandler. You also have a great post scoring with Zach Randolph.

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  • 9 years ago


    Why are James Harden, Jeff Green and Nate Robinson you're third string players?

  • u got a preety good team there i give it a 9

  • 9 years ago


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