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What color low lights should i get?

I'm get my hair done on Wednesday and i wanna get low light but i don't know what color would look good on me. I was thinking black or chocolate brown but i don't know. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    I see from your picture that you have blonde hair, you would choose colors like deeper blonde or light brown hues such as caramel, bronze, toffee, honey, or beige. Avoid light tones such as hay or cream.

    Two tones always look cute when low lighting, you could do a deep blonde color and a honey brown, that would look so amazing.

    But remember, just like any hair color treatment, low lights must be cared for properly in order to stay vibrant and fresh. Use a color preserving shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life of the color treatment, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun that can lighten the color. Low lights may need to be reapplied as frequently as every two or three weeks for short hair styles that grow out quickly, though individuals with long hair or layers may be able to go as long as two or three months without new color treatments. If the low lights shades are very close to the base hair color, treatments will last even longer.

    Good luck!

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