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Isnt it a coincidence that George W. Bush brother and cousin was head of the World Trade Center Security?

Isn't it a coincidence that George W. Bush brother and cousin was head of the World Trade Center Security and some of the airports that got hijacked on 9/11

Also isnt it coincidence that same world trade center security director sold airplanes to the National Civil Aviation Training Organization (NCATO) in Egypt where the hijackers trained their flying

in 1993 Marvin Bush (George W Bush's brother) becomes director of the Stratesec, which was formerly called Securacom,A security contract company hired by the World Trade Center which maintained security for the World Trade Center Towers up until September 11, 2001. Stratesec also ran Airport Security between 1995 and 1998, tan ran security at the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, providing electronic security for Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport. Their security work included maintaining the airfield access systems, the CCTV (closed circuit television) systems, and the electronic badging systems. American Airlines Flight 77,one of the planes hijacked on 9/11 took off from Dulles. The Same Airport.

Mishal Yousef Saud Al Sabah, who is a member of the Kuwaiti royal family. Al Sabah is also chairman of an investment company called the Kuwait-American Corporation (KuwAm), and was business partners,co director with Marvin Bush at Stratesec, which was formerly called Securacom through 2001, was found selling airplanes to the National Civil Aviation Training Organization (NCATO) of Giza, Egypt, to "the sole civilian pilot training organization in Egypt." Al Sabah was chairman of KuwAm and board member of the Commander Aircraft Company.” NCATO also has contractual partnerships with several US flight schools, including Embry-Riddle University in Florida

in 1999 Wirt D. Walker III (George W. Bush Cousin)Becomes CEO of Stratesec, which was formerly called Securacom. The Same Contract Security that Marvin Bush, George W Bush brother, was director of and was maintaining security at the World Trade Center and at the Airports some of the Highjacked airliners took off from

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    I can't believe this stupid story is still circulating.

    First of all, the company that Marvin Bush was associated with was a security consultant, not in charge of security for the entire complex. The main security for the WTC was, of course, the Port Authority Police. There were in-house security people within the PA itself who monitored the CCTV system in the Security Control Center, and there were the security guards, under contract, who did the ID checks. Then there were firms like Securacomm who were brought in to assess and make recommendations.

    At any rate, Marvin Bush was long gone from the Board of Directors of the company that owned Securacomm when 9/11 happened.

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    No. that is impressive how lots this one gets exceeded around. apparently Marvin Bush replaced into on the board of administrators of Securacomm, between the consulting companies that provided protection advisory centers to the WTC after the 1993 assaults. He left the corporate in 2000 or so, yet Securacomm replaced into executed with their undertaking earlier that. i detect that persons's ideas of protection are very simplistic. There are companies that are available to evaluate vulnerability and danger, there are technological companies that layout and putting up protection kit, there are companies that grant on-internet site protection workers like guards and the persons who run the technologies designed and put in via others. One individual, or one company for that count, isn't in cost of all this exceedingly in a intense-protection terrorist objective because of the fact the WTC replaced into, or at different centers the place public transportation is modern for that count.

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    Commercial airliners are NOT missiles and can not be expected to function as missiles!

    Steel framed office buildings do not simply turn to dust as did the towers.

    WTC7 was very clearly a controlled demolition

    The hit to the PENTAGON is such a JOKE, there was NO airliner!

    WE THE PEOPLE have been lied to

    and WHY do I get the distinct impression

    when talking to some people .... that I'm trying to

    convince a 6 year old that there is NO Easter Bunny?

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    There is no coincidence, it was planned just as bush sr. was the head of the cia at the time President John F. Kennedy was killed by chauncey marvin brown and two other men.

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    don't believe in coincidences. you are correct in what you say. there was only 2 people in the world that could tell our military to stand down that day and they were both in the WH. that's a fact beyond argument. in fact the sec of interior stated he saw Cheney give the order. I know, I know details.

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    Another example of clear connections that the lame street media ignores.

    Also, it snowed a lot in Washington DC a couple of years ago. Do you know where else it snowed?

    That's right - Berlin, 1938.

    People can be so blind sometimes.

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    You nuts are never going to stop asking this stuff, are you?

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    No, it was by design.

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