Which is better, SM, JYP, or YG?

So I've heard that SM is very strict on looks, and I've heard tons of rumors that they hurt their artists (like way back in the 90's, members of H.O.T. and ShinHwa were beat, and Changmin of DBSK (one of my biases!) was hurt by Lee Soo Man beause he refused something. Are these rumors true?

I've read that JYP is half and half on looks and talent. I'd think about auditioning for this one but this is more for dancing, right? And I'm not a very good dancer, I would want to audition for singing. But I've never heard any bad rumors about JYP.

And YG, everyone says that YG doesn't care about looks at all, they want 100% talent, so they're hard to get into. But they say if you get in, you might not be so popular because it's not like one of those huge companies like SM.

But which one is your favorite/would you recommend?

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    9 years ago
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    Here is the REAL facts.

    SM - They have a bad rep but they're not bad at all. It's a honor to be an SM all in all. They don't hurt their idols but treat them very well. You're the money maker after all. Idols fainting like Krystal and Sunny isn't SM's fault completely. All idols are overworked and underpaid no matter from what company. SM is just the biggest of them all so they have a spotlight on them and they make sure to keep their idols busy well cause of more money.

    They have the most amount of active groups but their groups have that "SM polish" if you will. They all look good, sing well, dance in sync and most of all perform live well. Even if they're not good looking SM has a way to deal with it. Plastic surgery is very common in K-Pop as a WHOLE. I'd say 95% of idols have had some form of PS whether it'd be double lids or something more drastic. If you're lucky enough you won't have to do it like f(x)'s Krystal but not all are.

    YG - They have only a few active artists and really concentrate on those few. They don't do a lot of variety shows, radio shows, etc. They focus on their music and their artists style. You will need talent to get into YG. If you're more about the music I'd suggest YG.

    JYP - I personally don't have a liking for JYP since I feel like he's the father who lives his dreams through his children. He follows after what LSM does and tries to make it his own like 2PM being the "group that would bring Super Junior down". I don't recommend JYP at all.

    SM is the best if you just want to perform and be famous and whatnot. They're the most well rounded in marketing and take a variety of things, looks and talent you can get in on either there.

    BUT I would give up trying to pursue being an idol. Most trainee's drop out cause they want to pursue their education instead. I mean think about the amount of idols in each company, there's not many. Plus being an idol isn't that fun. The pro's are well being famous and performing but the con's are exhaustion, eating disorders (yes not all of them are that naturally thin), possibly depression, antis, underpaid, etc. You basically have no life or freedom when that happens. You need to ask yourself if this is what you really want. Chances are you won't get in but if you want the popularity, SM is the way to go. They really do treat you well despite all the nasty rumors. They're not known as one of the best entertainment companies in South Korea for nothing.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would recommend SM since they have alot of groups that have been really successful. They do have a bad reputation but I don't think all of the rumors are true... they definitely won't beat their idols.. thats a big no no.., I'm also pretty sure that they don't just look for looks, in fact i think talent is also a major criteria.. since how could all those groups from SM become that famous without talent if you think about it...

    but they can be a bit unfair sometimes towards individuals or particular groups but not always and I don't think that would really affect anything....

    I personally really like SM because Super Junior (my favourite group) is from that company.. so yeah...

    but sorry I don't know much about the other companies

    I know Big Bang and 2NE1 is from YG so that company wouldn't be a bad choice either

    JYP has a few popular artists as well

    All three companies are good but i recommend SM :)

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  • 4 years ago

    I'd say that JYP is the best. (: SM just works their artistes too hard. 1) 18 isn't too old, but if you want to debut earlier (considering that you get in), I'd suggest you audition as soon as possible. Also, this way, you still have lots of time to keep auditioning. (: If you don't get in. 2) JYP looks for talent and passion rather than looks. SM focuses on looks. I'm not sure about the rest, but most probably they focus on talent. 3) depends on how good you are! 6) Company's decision. 7) The chances are higher than the usual live auditions, but you still have to go for the live auditions if you get selected via email. 8) I highly doubt that. Trainees have to train very hard, so you won't have time. 9) Singing and dancing of course. or some companies you have to learn languages as well. 10) I guess so, but you have to make a choice if more than one company selects you. 12) Most likely you'll debut as a singer first. Then if you want to pursue acting, you can go for auditions. 13) Nope. Not true. A lot of singers don't have good education because they drop school to pursue their dreams. 14) If you can take the training, you'll probably debut someday. It's just a matter of time. A lot of trainees find the training too tough and quit halfway, so they never debut. 15) It's up to the company to decide if you're good enough to debut at that time. 16) Yes. Especially for SM artistes. 17) I'm not sure about that, but SM is pretty tough on its trainees and singers. The other companies will treat you okay. 18) Not sure, but they'll probably email you and ask you to go for the second round of auditions. 19) It's kind of low. 20) Up to the company to decide, but sometimes members can decide as well. There are some questions that I can't answer, but hopefully this will help! (:

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    SM is a racist company. If you're not Asian forget it. If you're not as pretty they would make you get plastic surgery. SM treats they artists like pure ****. They make you dress like babies and stuff.

    YG is great and they actually let you audition if you're not Asian.

    JYP honestly don't know much sure they're better than SM tho.

    Over all YG is the best especially if you're not Asian and have real talent unlike sm artists where they talent comes from practice and they pretty face comes from cosmetics and plastic surgeries.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I swear, I see so many people who want to audition for SM, just because then they'll be famous. Yes SM is the biggest company in Kpop right now but YG and JYP aren't too bad.

    Like many people have said before SM looks for good looking asians, JYP looks for good looks and talent and YG is mostly about talent but then again Daesung almost didn't make it into Big Bang because of his looks. But in the end I guess it all depends on what you want.

    And by the way what were you talking about when you said YG isn't popular? I'm YG biased and have you ever heard of Big Bang or 2NE1? It's only because YG doesn't have too many groups, thats why they aren't too popular and Big Bangs sorta inactive for the time being. And YG don't go on variety shows as much as SM do.

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  • 9 years ago

    I really love all three! But as the people above said, I kinda agree. But I disagree about SM only choosing people with pretty faces and nice bodies. I mean, look at Super Junior's Shindong..(no offence) see? they dont only choose pretty and nice bodies. They look for talents too. People just say that cos they think Lee Soo Man is strict and the company is strict.NO! Lee Soo Man is actually nice. All three are really popular but I have to say I think SM is better than the other two.

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  • 5 years ago

    I recommend YG and JYP. SM don't treat their artist well. What important for them is that you become famous and you give them money they treat their artist like robots

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Even though SM treat their members bad and they are bias to a group they are still my favourite Entertainment industry because without them Super Junior woun't be here right now and i'm thankful for that.

    I think that all the good groups are in that Company

    Source(s): ELF
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    What do you mean YG is not popular....... I only get to know SM cuz they have lots of singers in one group an JYP from WIN...........

    YG can only make into international... international means out of Asia..... A lot of people knows only YG artist and don't give a **** with others cuz they style is stupid... like Girls G they are old but they would act like 13yr old girls... and most of the guys out of YG also acts cute and wore girls clothes ... which is not appreciated by international. OH they can only DANCE and can;t sing too

    So YG has collaborated lots of american and british artist . They were the one to asked YG to collaborate with them.

    Also they have held lots of concerts even in London and America where their concert arena was fully occupied.

    So no one gives a **** about OTHERS...... They only root for YG because they are proffesionals in MUSIC.

    SM should be taught what exactly music means and if he only thinks about Looks then he should go for filming where he should train his dancers artist to become actors,.

    YG ofcourse - bigbang, psy ,2ne1 are filthy Worlwide artists and idols.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    JYP and YG.

    SM, will NEVER pick you if you are not



    3.Have a nice body

    SM barely chooses talents, and they also mak u follow strict diets so you look skinny


    I recommend, they say regardless of ethnicity and of course talents counts too, they are very nice people.


    I also recommend YG, but I'm not sure when theyr audition will come.


    So yeah. Good luck (and wish me luck too!)

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