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What is Iowa well known for? (And Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska.)?

I'm writing a book and I need a little more information about the following states: Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, and Nebraska. I already have state birds, flowers, motto's, and nicknames, I just need to know what they are well known for. Thanks!

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    Corns, soybeans, sorghum.. Pigs.

    A good solid upbringing. btw, last census Iowa was 97.4% white.

    Iowa State University for Engineering and Vet Med. Iowa For Law and stuff.

    Dont for get the I-I80 song.

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    in the process the primaries Iowa became right into a huge battleground state between Obama and Hillary. those 2 mixed have made 4 circumstances as many appearances than McCain. Iowa has merely had greater exposure to the democratic value ticket.

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    Farming, down home people

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    Sabrina,.........what a lovely name,,, (its also my daughters name )

    I would say, farm products,....corn...wheat...and dairy

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