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Hobby lobby feathers?

Hi crafty people :)

Has anyone ever purchased feathers from hobby lobby? I'm trying to make sure they have good quality feathers before making the drive because it's not in my city. I've already been to Joanns and Michaels and didn't find any nice feathers. I'm using them to make earrings.


I called hobby lobby and they said they have the feathers, I just want to know if the selection/quality is good.

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    All Hobby Lobby stores are different of course but I bought some feathers for my mask for prom and they were awesome but i've never used those kind of feathers. They have a new line of stuff or crafts like that but i dont remember seeing any feathers for earrings. Im sure whatever you get at Hobby Lobby will be quality and if the store says they have them for earrings then i would go.

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