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RZA vs Pete Rock vs DJ Premier vs J Dilla?

RZA is my favorite producer at the moment. What he did during 93-97 was pure magic. He produced so many classics: 36 Chambers, Tical, Return to the 36 Chambers, OBFCL, Liquid Swords, Ironman, Wu-Tang Forever etc.

I really like Dilla's sound and I think he had potential to be the greatest. For me he was definitely the greatest in the new era.

DJ Premier, just like RZA produced so many classics. From all the Gang Starr albums to Jeru's first two classics.

Pete Rock doesn't have albums like RZA and Premier, but he did do Mecca & The Soul Brother and Main Ingredient and no one can deny his skill as a producer.

BQ: Buy/Sell both production and lyrically - Wu-Tang Forever > Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

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    Pete rock.

    All dope as hell obviously. But RZA stays number 1


    its a tough question because 36 is my favorite all time album but as crazy as it sounds i may have to buy. But just slightly. I think Chambers is better lyrically. But the production on Forever theres more to choose from so id go with that. But his raw production on 36 is friken classic.

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    Tough call, but I'm going with the RZA. Without the RZA on the list I would probably would have gone with Premier.

    BQ: Sell. Wu-Tang Forever is solid, but Enter the Wu-Tang is the superior album.

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    Dilla > Premo > RZA > Pete Rock

    IMO. They're all amazing producers though.

    BQ: Sell. Although Wu-Tang Forever is my favorite double album.

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    RZA > Dilla > Pete Rock >>>>>> Preemo

    Not a fan of preemo tbh.

    The others are in my top 5 producers.

    BQ: Sell that like a brick.

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  • Alexey
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    9 years ago

    Premier > RZA > Pete Rock > Jay Dee

    BQ: SELL

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    RZA>dilla>premo>pete rock

    bq: buy

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    BQ: sell

  • Anonymous
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    Statlyn answered this for me...

    Like a Brick!

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