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Why is there so many female vegetarians, and no male ones?

I'm a male vegetarian (by choice) and its weird that there are no other male vegetarians. there are plenty of female ones but the only male one ive met who was a vegetarian was doing a bet for a 100 dollars that he wouldnt eat meat for a year. Why is this? Or is it just... idk.... chance that i havent met any?

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    I was raised a vegetarian by my parents, who both switched over to vegetarianism before meeting one another. My mum already had two boys she'd raised vegetarian, so naturally my brother and I were also brought up vegetarian..

    My dad's still a vego of course, but all 3 of my elder brothers "switched over" around puberty.

    I think it's partially because of peer pressure, it was hard during school being the only vegetarians and I imagine it would be similar in the workplace or out with friends. Personally I never considered switching cos meat tastes gross and etc. but boys often have a different way of relating to one another, with girls if you stick to your beliefs you're admired with blokes sometimes it's different, they like to one up each other and there's always someone on the out.

    I think another reason there's not as many guys that switch over to vegetarianism is that guys don't like to question themselves, or be questioned on their behaviour. If you ask a guy about something he's done, or offer another opinion, he'll often get defensive. That means they're less likely to be all "oh, maybe I'm wrong for eating meat" and change their diets.

    In any case, I know many male vegetarians and vegans. Often I'll realise someone I know also doesn't eat meat merely because we'll both be hungry at the same place at the same time. It's not just females who don't eat meat, maybe just your experiences have been skewed?

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    There are plenty of male vegetarians. However, they do tend to be older when they become veg. There are plenty of 12 year old female vegetarians, while most of the guys I know didn't quit eating meat until they were in their 20s or later.

    And strangely, most of the raw foodists I know are men.

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    Yeah, I also know quite a few male vegetarians. It's an interesting question though. It's nice to get a asked a question on this forum that hasn't been asked once a day for the past year :)

    EDIT - Yep, Vegan Biologist, I am also in Melbourne.

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    to a pair degree eating meat truly steak is marketed as being a "manly" meal and eating tofu (even regardless of the undeniable fact that there is different options) isn't. Stereotype: once you're vegetarian you're a wimp. no longer my opinion yet i could wager adult men who do make this determination seize much greater cr*p than women for no longer eating meat. I in basic terms understand 2 adult men that are vegetarian neither are wimpy looking yet they're think of outdoors the container people.

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    I know plenty of male vegetarians, although many of them are doing it for health and body building reasons. I know a few for ethical reasons too (but they are actually vegans).

    keep up the good work! and to the guy who said "grow some balls, eat some meat" - what is so ballzy about murdering living creatures for food

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    Well me and the other Melburnians (Voodoo and I think Penny also) will know heaps because there are heaps in Melbourne. I have a few omni friends, but most are vego or vegan and the reason I come across so few omnis is the circles I operate in revolve around conservation, environmental ethics and animal rights. So it just depends on who you mix with and what kind of place you live.

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    My husband and son are. A lot of men are brought up to think that real men eat meat. So glad to hear that you're not one of them and you have the imagination and confidence to move beyond that. Actually, there are regular contributors here who are male vegos (albeit vegans). I have a lot of respect for men who are veg/n; they are going against that brainless macho image that so many men want to live up to. If you want some male pals who are vegos, try joining a vegetarian society or group, or hang out at a vegetarian restaurant regularly.

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    For whatever reason, eating meat is seen as a "manly" thing to do. Don't know why. I guess murder is manly. I asked my boyfriend and that was basically the reason, it's manly.

    However, the list of famous male vegans is much longer than the female list.

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    im also a male vegetarian i know loads of male vegetarians. so they are there. you just havent met any

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    Females tend to be more caring about animals, health, environment, and etc but males can care about the same thing.

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