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should I fight him [opinions]?

I'm 17 years old and I've been going out with my girlfriend for four months now. As it turns out, her ex boyfriend from when we were in 8th through 9th grade just got out of jail for multiple charges (including fighting) and is now finally off house arrest. Today he confronted me while I was with my friend at Jack in the Box and he had three guys with him. He told me he wanted to fight me and as I walked to my truck to leave he blocked my way there until I yelled at him to get out of my way. He then proceeded to call me a *****.

I usually wouldn't have a problem fighting someone given the situation. (He cheated on and beat my girlfriend while they were going out, then broke into her dad's car and stole his subs). This guy deserves an *** beating. The problem is that he could be really dangerous. He spent over a year in jail where all he could do is work out, and before he was in jail he frequently organized fight clubs/competitions for kids in our school.

He knows how to fight, my girlfriend says he carries a knife everywhere he goes, and he will probably confront me again. I tried reasoning with him calmly but he wasn't interested in anything but fighting. he nearly swung at me at jack in the box. If we do fight, he would probably play dirty.

I'm 6'3" 170 lbs (kind of a gump) and this kid is about 5'5" around 130 lbs. He didn't look bulky or big when I saw him for the first time in years today, and at first glance I thought I could take him; (I'm not exactly a pushover)..

He's done terrible things and the testosterone in me really wants to teach him a lesson, but the common sense says no.

I'm considering going to the authorities, but I would have no evidence. If he did fight me, I could probably bust him for some parole violation. I mainly just want him to stay out of our [me and my girlfriend's] lives.

what should I do?

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    I would suggest a restraining order. If he does confront you and hits you just hit back. I would suggest bringing your friends where ever you go. That way you have witnesses and back up and they could say it was self defense. But if he carries a knife I wouldn't suggest it at all unless you've had training in this type of thing. I'm thinking this guy has a record so I'm pretty sure they would believe you over him in a heartbeat. But I suggest the restraining order. Trust your instincts. Only fight if you really honestly need to. Good luck hun =)

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    allright you have 2 choices.

    1) just as you said, call the cops, and try to get a restraining order on him.

    2) fight the **** if you think you could take him.

    if you choose to do number 2 then i suggest preparing for the fight, and when the day comes bring friends that have your back just incase he tries to do anything stupid like pulling out a knife or having his friends jump in.

    i really do suggest you do not go with number 2 .

    violence never solves the problem.

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    Never under any circumstances fight a guy/girl out of jail. if it got to the point of someone going to jail for stuff you know they are crazy and you best bet your a$$ if they lose they will pull something out ranging anywhere from jumping you to shooting you. and thats in the best of occasions, id say dont do anything unless he does anything to physically hurt you or your girlfriend in anyway specially since chicks think its "trashy" when guys fight. she might even break up with you over it. so you might as well leave it alone until you really have to fight him. if your not experienced i suggest MMA classes, they will teach you useful things and you learn them quickly.

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    Bust him for the parole violation best xhoice and if he asks you to fight I'm guessing your gonna set a time and date. So agree with him about it then go tell the cops about it and tell them to be there when it is supposedly going to happen and then when the day comes, they'll be no fight, and te cops will take that jerk away again! Hope i helped (: hope it turns out good for you!

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  • To be honest if he carrys a knife with him dont take ur chances lol you dont want to get stabed but just because you went to jail dont mean your the ****.. haha . but it has somthen to do like that but he could of been getin *** raped the whole time he was in jail andd they way u described him he sound weak .. but dont get caught slipping n get ur *** beat the way you described him he seems like he wants to kick ur *** lol... but i meann if it comes down to it jump his crazy *** ... but you can take him justt square up and swing smart .

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