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Does anyone practice centering prayer?

If so, how do you square that with the common point of view that it's quite heterodox?

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    used to. Never understood the BS that it is new age or "diabolically" Eastern. It is in line with practices of the desert Fathers and people who are critical of Thomas Merton make me break out in a rash.

    Perhaps your orthodox is more strict than orthodox. You are not alone. It is good to be suspicious of things outside your comfort zone.

    Some people who do Cursillo creep me out more than the people I used to do centering prayer with. (Although for me it was a solitary practice)

    I have since moved on, but recommend it to others. I never got into lectio divina, but morning and evening prayers of the LOH is my current "thing". I started that and daily Mass last Lent. Stopped the daily Mass because of changes in work commute habits, but will pick it up again if gas prices get back to 50 to 70 cents less.

    Odd, eh, daily Eucharist is not worth an extra gasoline bill of $80 / month. I should review my priorities.

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    Well I consider myself to be spiritual and don't follow any one specific religion. For me centering prayer is my time to be still and alone with God

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    Dunno! IT's a bit of a paradox!

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