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What these 2 movies called ?

Whats thismovie called ?

1) A movie and i watched when i was like 4 and its like Dennis the movie and i think it the second one with a different name i'm not sure but its like this little boy and i cant mind i only mind a little bit and he tries to do something and its candyfloss or something and they also go to a pool water thing and the old man jumps off a diving board and he does a belly flop i think and he didn't die tho and i and and he camped out with his dog oh and i think this was in it but not sure and there doing something and the camouflaging and can't mind the rest

2)Not Alto , of info but i think it was called dennis and the dinosaur bucket or something but i looked up you tube and its not and all i member is he finds a bone can't mind the rest at all

that's all , thanks if you know :D!!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Its the Dennis The Menace movie.I know Walter Matthau played Mr.Wilson.

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