If I signed over my ex's state police pension did I also sign over his private state social security?

Apparently now that I am 62 and about to collect social security, I was under the impression that since I was married for 14 years, I could collect off of his. Now I am told he didn't pay into the system, that the state (Pa.) had a private social security. I signed my part of his pension over in 1989 but did not sign anything regarding social security retirement. How do I find out about this?

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  • 10 years ago
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    People that pay into a government pension do not pay social security, unless he has paid into it from off duty jobs or work before he became a police officer he does not have any benefits.

    Call the social security office or email them and ask for an appointment, take all of your court and divorce papers, they will see what you can get if anything.

    Being married at least 10 years does entitle you to half of his benefits for the period you were married.

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    10 years ago

    You can claim ex-spousal divorce benefit from social security but not if he never paid into the fund. At age 62 you are able to get your own partial social security retirement benefit or you can wait until you are 66 for the full benefit. You cannot get two benefits, you get a portion of his or you get your own. I dont know how his pension works. I think you would have to be named a beneficiary on his pension to collect it, after he dies.

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