the upcoming debt crisis and ssd?

Will the upcoming US debt crisis effect my social security disability checks? I can barely survive as it is, and wouldn't be able to at all without the help of family and friends. If were to loose it, id be totally screwd. What do you think will happen if the govt defaults on its loans next month?

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    If the 2 sides cannot come to a suitable agreement the government will shut down on August 3. If that happens, no checks will come in from Social Security--and with no checks your Medicare will not pay for health problems because SSD does pay the premium for Medicare. This will take place as long as the government stays shut down. So yes, your Social Security check will not be paid out unless the government stays open. If it shuts down they have to use the cash flow and decide whom to pay and whom not to pay: the military has top priority, and if some money is left, then maybe SSD receipients like y6ou and I will get the check, or maybe not. That's why it is always advisable to keep some savings in order to pay the bills if something like this happens!! I talked to my landlord and what they will do is extend the grace period since this is not the fault of the SSD receipients.

    Once the government gets working again, those checks will be repaid!!

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    Check out our comprehensive new plan to make Social Security solvent! Both the Bipartisan Policy Center and President Obama’s bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform support the vast majority of these reforms. Check it out at​re and support the cause!!!

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