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How do i do mike myers in black ops?

How do i set it up?

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    1 person in mike. The rest are on opposite team. Michael can use SHOTGUN, pick one of this: PISTOL, BALLISTIC, NONE, TOMAHAWK, Motion Sensors + claymores + cam spikes, NO KILLSTREAKS, Time limit, 1 life each, about 3 or more rounds, No killing michael myers only the last man standing can do it if host says so, last man standing can ONLY use Pistol/Ballistic and Tomahawks. Victims can use Motion Sensors if host says so. Hardcore mode is optional and best if you set time limit to 5 mins because people get bored of spectate. ONE LAST THING, the victims can attack Michael Myers NO MATTER WHAT if time is 15 seconds or less remaining (that rule is completely optional). BTW, victims cannot use guns at all, only to destroy equipment or to make you show up on radar to make a distraction.

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