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The diminishing variety in the world, are you sad about it?

I was looking at old pictures from explorers who went around the world visiting many different cultures, and what struck me about the photos was the huge variety in how people dressed! From Africa to Asia every culture had their own way of dressing! And it got me thinking, today that variety is diminishing, you see photos or video of Africa and Asia today and the vast majority of people are wearing western clothes! Of course some have kept their traditionally clothing, but their numbers have greatly diminished. And I was sadden by this, so much fashion, design and skill is being lost around the world only to be replaced by mass produced t-shirts with ticks on them. And, in a wider sense this westernisation goes far beyond what people wear, its changing the very essence of other cultures. Of course the homogeneous tendencies of capitalism is well documented, and in a way I think I can put up with a starbucks on every corner of every western city, but I am sadden by the loss of other cultures as they become increasingly westernised under capitalism. What do you think? Are you sad about it? Perhaps you have ideas about how we can prevent it? Or perhaps your more of an imperialist and think its a good thing? Either way I'd love to read your thoughts!

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    Change is a must for growth.

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    We are becoming a global community and there is no turning back as the advent of technology has made this planet a whole lot smaller. Perhaps if/when our world becomes all alike the end result will be that the hatred and conflict for those that are different will be eradicated. That would be a good thing.

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    What pictures are you seeing!! I've actually been to these places an MOST people don't dress western, the dress culturally. My immigrant parents living in America still wear traditional African clothes to places like Wal-Mart!

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    Yes, I am.. but maybe globalization and the neutralization of all cultures will eventually lead to total unity and no war. But how boring and fruitless the world would be then. Conflict sometimes inspires beauty, I guess.

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  • me :}
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    8 years ago

    We cant stop it, We have a system now where we have to influence the rest of the world. The only way to stop it is to just collapse, You dont want that do you?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The world is changing and evolving.

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