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who whould win this 5 on 5 tag team match? (elimination style tag team)?

Edge, Christian,Benjamin, Jericho, Kane vs Punk, MR Anderson, Booker t, Jeff, Matt

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    punk would win and his team

  • 8 years ago

    First team

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  • izatt
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    uncooked's team: Randy Orton is large. Jack Swagger is solid. Carlito could get eradicated. Chris Masters could get eradicated. enormous instruct is recommendations-blowing. SmackDown's team: facet is large. Drew McIntyre is solid. Matt Hardy is solid. Mike Knox is large. large Khali is large. ~~~~~ team SmackDown could win. Carlito and Chris Masters would not final in any respect often, enormously against wrestlers like Mike Knox and facet. Jack Swagger could be solid against Drew McIntyre, yet with 5-on-3, He would not final too long. ok, so say if McIntyre and Swagger have been given out. Mike Knox or facet could wreck Randy Orton. additionally, facet could desire to even sneak out and are available whilst the opposing team thinks they gained, and kick a$$. the only possibility team uncooked has is gigantic instruct and Randy Orton. SmackDown has facet, Mike Knox, and large Khali. So team SmackDown could win! enormous instruct and Khali are the two difficult to get out, yet with one extra individual, they're carried out. And with Masters and Carlito out, it somewhat isn't any longer assisting. additionally, facet has defeated Randy Orton interior the previous. additionally, facet has had extra attractiveness at the instant antagonistic to Randy Orton. So yeah, team SmackDown could wreck.

  • 8 years ago

    1st team fo sho

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