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To continue or stop sport betting online?

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    I agree with Sandra. Practice money management.

    Also, do a research check of the company and read the fine print BEFORE creating an account and stocking it with cash. Some betting agencies only pay out a limited amount and if you want to remove cash from your account, it can take up to 8 weeks to get a check. Some banks don't allow credit cards to be used for online betting.

    I use, which is a major, reliable site.

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    This is a personal decision whether to continue or stop, weigh the pros and cons and there you'll have your answer. If you're losing more money than winning, you might consider stopping, and is maybe the reason for asking. It's always wise to use a money management strategy when betting. Regarding, I don't use them, but after reading and going over their site info., they seems to be committed to responsible gambling. Safe, Secure, with a good customer service is what I look for, they seemed to have that. I live in the USA and already committed to another online betting source.


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    CONtinue betting as long as you have the bank roll. Stop betting when you are using the money meant for important things like for you family's necessities. Or, continue betting when you can borrow someone else's money; in case you win you have the money from nothing, in case you lose, you can ran away from your friends.

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    I think as long as people don't use betting intensly so it becomes gambling its ok. Knowing when to walk away and knowing what betting is about is very important. Too many people don't learn the basics and lose money. Check out for basics and advice

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