How to lobby a law threw government!?

So the way I understand it is lobbying is basically legal bribing! This is actually great for my cause! What I'm trying to do is pass two laws saying 1) any breeder or other company with animals regularly being bred,born,or raised in their presence needs to have a license this will require a home check and a test and need to be re done every two years! And 2) no business which regularly sells animals (like a pet store) needs a license to do so and needs to be able to show proof that there animals came from a licensed breeder this would be regularly checked on by cops or some other government program every like 4 months or more if we have had issues with them but anyone would have the right to go ask to see it all and citizens could call the police if they suspect something! You see this gets RID of puppy mills and greatly reduce irresponsible breeders! By pet stores needing to show where there puppy's are coming from they wouldn't be able to buy from a puppy mill putting them out of business! Also this will put standards up for pet stores that they need to follow in order to get a license to keep "selling" I like to say adopt out! And this will also reduce not get rid of the irresponsible breeder trying to make money on them or just not breeding healthy pups, cats etc. Because they will have to pass a home check and test and pay a small fee they will either not want to pay the fee, not pass the inspections, or keep breeding without a license and this is what we will always have some issues with because they are not to easy to find but also law enforcement will be able to crack down on this! What do you think? ALSO UNDERSTAND IM CLEARLY NOT A LAWYER SO THESE "LAW IDEAS" ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT PERFECT BUT YOU SEE THE IDEAS AND ALSO IM ON MY IPHONE SO THAT'S WHY IM SPELLING BAD AND BAD PUNCTUATION AND SUCH!

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  • Tom K
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    9 years ago
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    Lobbying is NOT legal bribing, even that too often does seem to be the case. Lobbying is getting at least one and then more lawmakers to understand the need for a law, to draft such a law, sponsor it through the legislature, and get enough votes to pass the law.

    And while I see the good of the law that you propose, I can guarantee you that there isn't an agency in the country that has the budget or manpower to check on every pet store every 4 months or more. I doubt they'd be able to do it every two years. Far more doable if you find a way to keep the responsibility and work on the pet store rather than law enforcement.

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  • 9 years ago

    You understand it incorrectly.

    Lobbying is asking (in this case) the legislature to support your cause - you need a representative to drop the bill and then you lobby other representatives to agree to vote for its passage.

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