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Military DD293 Form Status Check?

I submitted for DD293 in February11 to change attempt to upgrade my discharge code from a RE4 to something more...workable. I would love to re-enlist, am more than intelligent and fit enough, but I am worried that something happened to the form. How do I check he status of my mailed DD293?

Is it even possible? Practical?



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    Which branch of service?



    Let me got that outrageously outdated crap from


    "I submitted for DD293 in February11 to change attempt to upgrade my discharge code from a RE4 to something more...workable."

    Additional Details



    Your DD form 293 may have found its way to "file 13" as it has nothing to do with trying to change a RE code.

    The DD form 293 is the form used to ask the NDRB about an upgrade in your type of discharge. The NDRB has no authority to change a RE code, that is part of the purview of the BCNR and requires a DD form 149.


    4. Jurisdictional Limitations on the Authority for the Review of Discharges

    a. The Board does not have the authority to:

    (6) Change a reenlistment code

    Board for Correction of Naval Records

    What is your type of discharge and SPD code?

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    Unless the RE4 was given in error by your branch its not going to change. And when I say error I mean the person typing it up sneezed and hit 4 instead of, let's be generous and say 2.

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    RE-1- Eligible for reenlistment.

    RE-1A- Eligible for reenlistment.

    RE-2- Ineligible for reenlistment. Recommended for renlistment but ineligible because of status: Fleet Reservist Retired (except for transfer to TDRL), Commissioned Officer. Warrant 0fficer, Midshipman, Cadet.

    RE-3A- Failure to meet area aptitude prerequisites. Fully qunlified for enlistment, provided mental criteria of table 2-1 are met. Alien.

    RE-3B- Restricted assignment. Parenthood. Pregnancy.

    RE-3C- Reenlistment authorized by CMC only. Ineligible for enlistment, unless waiver is granted. Conscientious Objector.

    RE-3D- Failure to meet disciplinary standards. Ineligible for enlistment, unless waiver is granted. Demonstrated dependency or hardship not meetinq criteria specified in Bupersman article C-10308.

    RE-3E- Failure to meet education prerequisites. Fully qualified for enlistment provided education criteria is met. Erroneous induction.

    RE-3F- Erroneous enlistment.

    RE-3G- Condition (not physical disability) interfering with performance of duty.

    RE-3H- Hardship

    RE-3K- Disenrolled Irom Naval Academy, not considered qualified for enlisted status.

    RE-3M- Marriage.

    RE-3N- Importance to national health, safety or interest.

    RE-3P- Physical disability (includes discharge and transfer to TDRL). Obesity. Motion sickness. Disqualified for officer candidate training.

    RE-3R- Rank reappointment restriction. Ineligible for reenlist unless waivered

    RE-3R- Professional growth criteria. Ineligible for reenlist unless waivered

    RE-3S- Sole surviving son.

    RE-3T- Overweight

    RE-3U- Minority

    RE-4- Not recommended for reenlistment

    Source(s): US Navy Vet
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    Bcnr Status

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