Does anyone remember the song "blue" by leeann rimes?please read below?

my dads aunt wrote that song origailly!leeanns producer at the time stole it from mydad aunt! just thought i would see what everyone thinks
also do u like the song?
Update: not sure what her producer's name was,but my dad said that his aunt said it was intentionally wrote for patsy,but she died before it was given to her! so my aunt kept until it was stolen!
Update 2: @goldfly,he did steal it from my dad's aunt!!!! many years ago,and yes it was first wrote for patsy by my aunt,and then she died so my aunt kept it for awhile and that's when it was stolen!!!
Update 3: also @goldfly,i just got told this yesterday! don't know why my dad was keeping this from me?
Update 4: @bbtalk,yes that's what i'm saying! my dad's aunt did in fact try to write it for patsy but she died that's when he stole it!
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