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Daily expenditure in Paris,France?

For 3 teenagers and an adult?To do some sightseeing and have some food.I have my airline tickets and accommodation settled.How expensive is transportation in Paris?And how much do food cost,please list some examples.And is tap water safe to drink?And tips on how to stretch every single euro because I am on a bit of a budget.And how not to get ripped off with expensive products that is sold twice its actual value?Thanks for reading,and hopefully answering:)

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    In Paris travel by Metro and buy "CARNET" of 10 tickets. It's much cheaper than buying them singly A ticket allows you take a single journey. 10 tickets cost 12.50€

    Keep away from buying coffee and snacks in big touristy places. A coffee normally costs about 1€ but on the Champs Elysee it can cost almost 10€

    Tap water is safe to drink all over France, and most restaurants will put a jug of water on the table if you are eating.

    The French eat their main meal at lunchtime. You will find many full menus available at lunchtime for not too much money. Look for "Menu" and a price. It's usually about 3 or 4 courses . I usually look for a menu including wine for under 15€

    Pick up a free map of the metro and bus system at the metro station, and plan your trips so that you are not going back over the same ground.

    I'm afraid it's just a case of being vigilante to avoid being ripped off. But you always have the option to walk away if you think it's not value for money.

    Look for restaurants with local people rather than tourists. Maybe they'll be reading a French newspaper.

    get a guide to "Free Paris"

    or just google "Free Paris" for other options

    Hope these tips help. Enjoy your trip, it's a great place.

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    I likely spend $5 a week on such issues as extra darkish chocolate (even besides the indisputable fact that in my opinion that is no longer a junk foodstuff), and if i can get my palms on vegan varieties then i recognize salt and vinegar chips too.

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