A reliable Family Crest website?

I have been doing a little research on Our family and i've been trying to find both my mothers family crest and my fathers.. My fathers side is Gould it's Scottish but back in the day my family was from the McDonald clan. On my mothers side she's from spain Galicia in fact and her name is Sanchez. I have been looking at many different websites but each one i go to has a different picture of a different Family Crest or doesn't even have my name at all.. so any help would be much appreciated..

I've already been to a couple sites..




Although that was very very interesting and very insightfull i neither of those links actually tell me what crest we have or what my family is from. both sources very knowledgeable the don't tell me about MY family crest, maybe im just not looking in the right place..

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    Edit: You just can't put your name in a website and find your Scottish clan crest or any coat of arms.

    You would have to do the research on your history. In the case of your father's history you very likely can find what specific McDonald clan you belong. Even though McDonald is a patronymic name meaning son of Donald you can't be sure that there was only one Donald that had sons. That is why you need to do the research. Then the best thing is for you to send your family tree with supporting documentation to the Lord Lyon of Scotland and ask them if you are entitled to a clan crest. But don't go by some website. The stuff they sell you can buy at Stuckey's. There are no laws regarding heraldry in the U. S. and a person is free to use any coat of arms they wish but to do so is really usurpation of anothers identity.

    The following is what Ancestry.Com has about Sanchez

    sanchez Name Meaning and History

    Spanish (Sanchez): patronymic from the personal name Sancho.

    Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

    It simply means that men whose given name was Sancho frequently they took the name Sanchez. There might have been hundreds of men named Sancho. Actually in British countries in Ireland coats of arms are granted to individual men not to families by a specific heraldry authority. In continental countries they were frequently allowed to assume a coat of arms. So the rules of Spanish heraldry might not be the same as Britain. What you can do is write the American Heraldry Society and ask them about the rules of Spanish heraldry. I wouldn't ask them what your Sanchez crest is. They probably would just toss it away.


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    They are all scams. The surname product business is nothing but a scam. A crest is merely part of a coat of arms. Coats of arms do not belong to surnames and actually the in Britain and in Ireland they don't even belong to families.

    When surnames were taken in Europe during the last millennium it wasn't impossible for legitimate sons of the same man to wind up with a different surname and still each could have shared his with others with no known relationship. The purpose was not to identify a man as a member of a family but just to better identify him, frequently for taxation purposes. Too many men with the same given name in the same town or village and they had to have a way of sorting them out.

    Now in Scotland they have clan crest which is actually the crest portion of your clan chief's coat of arms. If you can verify the specific clan your father belongs to he can use the crest in a belt.

    Here is a link to the Lord Lyon of Scotland that grants coats of arms for Scotland. However Scotland is one tough country regarding the use of coats of arms. There was an article in the paper several years back where an American bought an old castle and put what he felt was his coat of arms in as a stain glass window. He was told to remove it by the Lord Lyon. He delayed. Officials from the Lord Lyon went into his home and removed it themselves leaving him with a big drafty hole in his wall. I understand there they file criminal charges against people who use another person's coat of arms.


    Also I am furnishing you a link to the College of Arms that grants coats of arms for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The reason why if you scroll down some on the link you will see what the crest portion of a coat of arms looks like.It usually always is a 3 dimensional bird or beast on top of the helmet.


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    Mcdonald Family Crest

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    Gould Family Crest

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    You are looking in all the wrong places...because the topic is a SCAM. Does the reality that they all want to SELL YOU SOMETHING put up a red flag??

    Coats of arms are granted to individual persons, like a war medal might be. THEY DON'T belong to families to begin with.

    First.. understand why family crests are used to lure in inexperienced persons.

    Next... understand that to find where your ancestors came from, you use VALID records. Just to raise your awareness..your mother has a different last name at birth than your father. ALL four grandparents have their own birth names (and factual history).

    You can find your history...when you know the reliable way to do it. Surname databases and/or family crests are not researching your ancestors.


    try this, then hang out here with us.

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    Family crests are a myth based on a misunderstanding about heraldry. In both the pictures you provided the crest is the same, they are both chicken feathers. I think you mean to ask about the coats of arms. The things on top of the helmets are the crests. The things on the shield are the coat of arms.

    A coat of arms is inherited by the sons of the person to whom the arms were granted. There are different arms for the different lineages. You need to find your male line lineage then look in an armory book for your ancestor's name. There are armory books online and they will have many coats of arms for each surname along with a short genealogy and the first name of the person to whom the arms were granted.

    You just cant find one with only a surname. Those sites you found want you to send them money so they will take advantage of the fact that you believe in surname family crests. Chicken Feathers!

    Hey the one from Zazzle is recorded to a Gool from Scotland but they have the wrong crest. It kinda rhymes with Gould.

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    http://www.heraldry.ws is a site that provides pictures of crests. Gould, has two (one is Irish) and on for Goulding. It is not Scottish, but originates in England, France and is also found in Jewish family history.

    The commercial sires like House of Names, is in the business of selling various items with crests on them, not in documenting the history of a crest.

    The Scot Clans didn't have Crests, the Tartans identified them and the McDonald clan has at least 6 tartans.

    and 2 clan badges (which may or may not have a crest like imprint).

    The name Sanchez is the most common name in Spain and one of the most common Spanish names in the world, There is a crest from Castile.

    If you are not the direct line eldest ancestor of the original knight, you do not have the legal right to use a crest. Also unless you have verified you connection and are a member to a clan to wear some of the tartans would be insulting to members of that clan Example: A non-member would never wear the ancient Tartan, or if the clan had a Tartan know to have been worn by the fist leader, or one that was worn into battle by the clansmen.

    Tartans have many patterns that have significant meaning, A simple narrow strip of color added to a tartan could mean that the member was from a specific lineage of the Clan, or comes from on of the female lines within the clan. That is how your Gould surname would be connect to the McDonald's.

    another example, I have 4 surnames that are associated with the Clans, one is through a female line and that Tartan is different than the one usually worn, there is a light very narrow purple strip that runs vertically in the pattern. I am also connect to the Stuart clan which has many Tartans and each have a different meaning. There are also Tartans that are representative of the monarch, the Black Watch Tartan is one of them

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 35+ years. Scot Ancestry and collector of pictures of Coats of Arms associated to names within my family.
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    This Site Might Help You.


    A reliable Family Crest website?

    I have been doing a little research on Our family and i've been trying to find both my mothers family crest and my fathers.. My fathers side is Gould it's Scottish but back in the day my family was from the McDonald clan. On my mothers side she's from spain Galicia in fact and her name...

    Source(s): reliable family crest website: https://shortly.im/lSJH0
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    I second Violet and add: Coats of arms were originally designed so knights could tell each other apart. They were given to individuals, not surnames or families. If, for instance, every knight named "Smith" (Carpenter, Baker, Johnson . . .) used the same coat of arms, there would be a crowd of knights riding around with the same coat of arms painted on their shields. It would be as confusing as a football game where both sides wore blue uniforms and all the players were number 12. A library is your best bet. "Family" crests / C of A are one of the most enduring myths in genealogy.

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    Reliable and 'family crest' are not words that go together............a crest is only the top part of a coat of arms and Arms belong to individual's not families and certainly not everyone who just happens to have the same surname.............so simply you don't have one


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    I recently wrote an article for a genealogy blog about misconceptions relating to Coats of Arms. Perhaps it would be of some interest to you:


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